Ban the Royal Artillery Hunt from MOD land

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Following a violent attack by hunt supporters at the Royal Artillery Hunt's meet on 13 April 2019, we call on the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) to suspend the licence of this hunt to use Ministry of Defence land.

The R A Hunt have a history of breaching the terms of their licence and have faced suspensions in the past but the DIO continue to allow this hunt to carry on. We believe it is time, once and for all, to put an end to their activities on MOD land.

On 13 April 2019, a number of co-ordinated unprovoked attacks were carried out by masked hunt supporters brought in to the area via Facebook appeals by known individuals responsible for violence and intimidation in the past.

During a series of incidents throughout the day, anti-hunt monitors and protestors were assaulted, threatened, abused and had their vehicles damaged. All of this was captured on film to be passed on to the DIO and to Wiltshire Police, who had been made aware in the week before the attack, that violence was being planned via groups on social media.

R A Hunt staff and officials did nothing to stop the violence and one senior member of the hunt staff posted on social media that evening  "Thanks to the guys who came down, the scum will never stop us".

The actions of the hunt on the day are an embarrassment to the Regiment that bears its name and to the armed forces as a whole. 

It is time that action was taken by those who issue the R A Hunt their licence to use MOD land, to take firm and decisive action to deal with this illegal activity and violence - now is the time to ban the Royal Artillery Hunt from all MOD land.