Bring DEE SNIDER to Richmond Hill to sing “We’re Not Gonna Take It” w/ The Ward 5 Bandits!

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Richmond Hill Ward 5 Councillor Karen Cilevitz is suing local musician and jam host Matt "Groopie" Bergman for half a million dollars because he exposed her bullying, harassment, intimidation and threats against him, jam host (a stage 4 cancer fighter) Steffi Goodfield and Archibalds Pub over the use of the word WARD 5 as part of the title of their weekly jam event THE WARD 5 JAM which happens in Ward 5 Richmond Hill every Sunday. 

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The jam is an open forum for all musicians, bands and singers to have a chance to get on stage simply by signing up. 

Councillor Cilevitz wanted him to sign an apology but he refused so she's suing him to intimidate him and keep him quiet about the situation. His freedom of speech and freedom of artistic expression is being suppressed by this, much like the PMRC tried to do in the 80s to rock music.

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Dee Snider of Twisted Sister testified in Supreme Court against censorship of artistic expression and we call on him once again to defend freedom of opinion, expression and speech.

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Dee has already tweeted out Matt's go fund me page with the hashtag #FUKBULLIES , but at this point it doesn't look like this vexatious lawsuit will be dropped anytime soon.

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We call upon Mr. Snider to come support the Ward 5 Jam, Steffi, Matt and the Ward 5 Bandits, as well as the entire musically community in Richmond Hill (which has been deeply effected by this wrong doing by the Councillor) by coming to the Ward 5 Jam and singing "We're not gonna take it" with the Ward 5 Bandits.

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We hope that this action can raise awareness for the issue and shed light on the importance of freedom of artistic expression and community as well as the egregious actions being taken against Matt.