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Decriminalize St. Tammany Parish

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The time for change has come! Too many of our peers, family members, acquaintances and friends have been locked up for simple possession of marijuana charges. Once in the system in St. Tammany it is nearly impossible to get out of it. Decriminilization is the beginning of a major change that needs to happen. This petition is not about who uses marijuana or not, it is about doing what is right and protesting what you believe in. There are way too many other serious crimes happening everyday that police officers should be focusing on. Many people who have been to jail/prison come out worst than they were before when they came in. Marijuana is now formally accepted as a prescription medicine in many states. Sign this petition whether you use marijuana or not, it is the first step and creating change! St. Tammany Parish incriminates too many people for simple possession, it has put hurt on many people's lives.

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