Decreasing Surrey Carbon Emissions.

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A carbon tax (a form of pollution tax) assigns a fee on the production, distribution or  use of fossil fuels based on how much carbon is emitted. Basically it makes it expensive for people to emit carbon into the atmosphere and destroy it. A tax would be efficient as it both, limits emissions of greenhouse gases, but also stimulates economic growth. This encourages the industrial sector to curb their emissions. The success of the carbon tax is clearly visible in Sweden, which was introduced there in 1991. Swedish factories have a cap on the the amount of carbon they are allowed to release, and this amount decreases each year, encouraging rapid growth in renewable resources. In fact, the Swedish environment minister Andreas Carlgren has said, “Our carbon emissions would have been 20% higher without the carbon tax. It was the one major reason that steered society towards finding climate-friendly solutions. It made polluting more expensive and encourage people and businesses to find energy-effect solutions.”. But really, if one wants to see the efficiency of Carbon Taxes, there is no need to look any further than British Columbia itself. The province’s (minimal) carbon taxing has already helped its economy outpace the Canadian national average, disproving the myth of “job-killing carbon taxes.” The province has also seen marked improvement in per capita fuel consumption and reduction in greenhouse gasses since the carbon tax was introduced. The province has proof to show that the carbon tax does not lead to the taxpayer having to pay significantly more taxes. In fact, BC residents have benefitted form associated tax rebates and reductions to the point that the average person actually pays less tax than they did before the carbon tax. The government actually offset income tax rates to offset the impacts of the carbon tax and perhaps most importantly, each person can control how much carbon tax they have to pay; it can be avoided by buying less gasoline, and avoiding the things that are related with greenhouse gases because that’s the whole point of the carbon tax, to encourage people to avoid it, by utilising more climate friendly options. The evidence is clear, a carbon tax is an effective, relatively easy, and economically beneficial method of controlling greenhouse gas emissions, and it must be implemented deeply. It's time we all wake up and take some action, remember we only get One Earth.  If you have any concerns, feel free to reach out to me at or check out my website at