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DeckNine: Release the Original Episode 3

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When waiting for the third episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm, I had high hopes. This was due to the info that DeckNine had previously released about Episode 3, and what beta testers had told us. 

However, when the fans, including myself, finally played the game, we felt betrayed.

Rachel and Chloe’s relationship was a beautiful thing to watch grow and develop. It reflected, yet also deflected, the way we all believe young love works. They’re both so passionate for one another; both of them have been injured pretty seriously protecting the other. It’s incredibly obvious that they care deeply for one another.

We as a community know and understand that the romantic events that took place in Episodes 1 and 2 are all dependent on the player’s choices, but to suddenly act as if there’s little connection between Rachel and Chloe at all in Episode 3 (especially if you DID choose the romantic options) is very disappointing, and upset many of the fans in the Before the Storm community.

Sure, there were some cute moments - a few little kisses and some general intimacy, but now that the episode is done and over with and we know what content was originally supposed to be in the episode, I’d say we’ve been blocked from the endings we all know Rachel and Chloe deserve.

Sticking to the canon of a universe is important, yes, but watching a character grow and develop, all while knowing that she’s eventually going to die, is incredibly painful. The fact that there really is only one ending makes it worse. Choices really are supposed to matter in a Square Enix game.

Whether the content we want released is considered canon or not, all that the fans want is the content that was removed when the meeting with the writers of LiS (as in, the first game) concerning “canonity” took place.

Please, listen to the fanbase, who has been incredibly supportive, and consider that all we want is a happy ending for two girls who have gone through so much.

Because Rachel and Chloe deserve it.

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