Zak Bagans: Please honor Sharon Tate's memory.

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In November, 2018, Julien's Auctions sold off items belonging to the estate of Sharon Tate. This was a difficult decision for her sister, Debra Tate, but she was assured no one with morbid intentions would be allowed to purchase any of her beloved sister's items.

The young Golden Globe nominated actress was only 26 years old and carrying a full term baby boy, when members of Charles Manson's cult entered her home and brutally ended her life and that of her unborn child, along with 3 of her friends. 

The one item that was the most precious items, her wedding dress, worn by Sharon in one of the happiest days of her life, was purchased by Zak Bagans. He also owns items once belonging to Manson, and are now on display in his Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We are calling on Mr. Bagans to do the right thing, and not display Sharon's wedding dress anywhere near items that once belonged to the man that so callously ordered her death. That is a true hellish nightmare for her surviving family, friends and fans alike that for decades have been trying to disassociate Sharon's name from those of her killers. If Mr. Bagans displays Sharon's dress in his museum, he'll be profiting off of her family's worst nightmare.

Zak, please display Sharon's dress as a stand alone piece, away from your Manson relics. Honor her life, and not her death. Now is your chance to humanize a victim, and not feed in to the serial killer worship. Would you want your sister's, mother's, daughter's ect. killers teeth or ashes residing beside their wedding dress for eternity? If you are like most, I'm betting your answer would be a hard no. And donations to victims families would be a respectable thing to do.

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