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Wilfrid Laurier University Invite Dr. Jordan Peterson to Lecture.

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Wilfrid Laurier University faculty have sought to suppress free expression and academic freedom as demonstrated by their inappropriate reprimand of Teaching Assistant Lindsay Shepherd. This bullying has been admitted to in an apology by the University President and Vice-Chancellor, Deborah MacLatchy.

Underlying this mistreatment of Ms. Shepherd is a closed-minded academic environment that serves neither the students nor the public who support the school. Whereas institutions of higher education ought to be a place where all ideas may be expressed, in the name of "safety," students are seen to be infants who must be protected from ideas that might be upsetting to them.

Dr. Jordan Peterson stance on gender pronouns is at the centre of this debate, and the cause of the mistreatment of Ms. Shepherd. In the spirit of the free exchange of ideas, and honouring the fact that the issues raised by Dr. Peterson are not, as claimed by the faculty, "settled," this petition requests that Wilfrid Laurier University extend an invitation to Dr. Peterson to lecture at the university on the subject of gender pronouns, transgenderism, or Bill C-16. The school must provide a venue and reasonable security measures for Dr. Peterson to speak without mob-intervention.

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