Debenhams to end its business links with Arron Banks & Eldon Insurance.

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Debenhams Retail Plc is an Appointed Representative of Eldon Insurance Services Limited for Car Insurance and Life Insurance products of which Arron Banks is the majority share holder.

In light of the Cambridge Analytica scandal linked to Banks through Vote Leave in the EU referendum, as well as the release of the Panama papers showing Banks use of offshore Tax havens, Banks previous calls for a UK Muslim Ban as well as Banks previous police warning for sexual harassment of an employee, We do not feel the Debenhams  brand should continue to be associated with Banks and his agenda.

Many Debenhams customers may be unaware and unhappy that they are inadvertently giving money to Banks through the purchase of Debenhams branded products.

Debenhams has a duty to it’s customers to ensure: 

- Data is not being used inappropriately 

- Profits made by Debenhams, Eldron & Banks are not avoiding tax through tax havens

- Profits are not being used to sponsor islamaphobic or Divisive policies

- Sexism and Harrassment are not ignored in the persuit of profits

We ask Debenhams to investigate fully and then publish a statement confirming that it is satisfied that Arron Banks is acting in line with Debenhams values or end their business relationship with Banks and source a more ethical insurer.