Vote of No Confidence in Newport Norse and Newport City Council

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Over recent years Newport Market has suffered an appalling downfall under a variety of local Administrations.  The upstairs is now empty, the downstairs is half empty with no new units being allocated due to 'red tape' and a lack of co-operation from both Newport City Council and Newport Norse (a private management company employed by Newport City Council to manage certain areas, the Market being one of them).  

Suffice to say the Market is in a very poor state of affairs and it's not going to get any better while it's being managed so poorly. The upstairs is completely empty, the downstairs is also vastly empty, with some units not allowed to be used due to Newport City Council's insistence that they be kept as 'test trading areas' instead of allowing fully paying tenants to fill the space that would provide further revenue to the market.  The building has become in such a poor state of disrepair that some parts are almost unusable, there are no mens toilets, what with them being closed down due the incredibly poor state.

Newport Market is a public building.  This means that it's open for use by the public  to run their businesses freely. The current situation denies many people this simple right.  Newport Market should (and could) be a place for thriving businesses, as it once was, rather than being allowed to be run down by poor management.

What I propose is for this petition to serve as a public vote of No Confidence in both Newport City Council and Newport Norse.  The people need to have their voices heard in our so-called 'City of Democracy' and it's high time those responsible listened and supported the people of Newport and our amazing and hard working Independent Traders who keep the Market alive and kicking.

There are a number of solutions how to help the Market, I propose ceasing all services with Newport Norse and have all management undertaken by a unified working Committee of Market Traders to deal directly with Newport City Council.  

 Newport City Council entered a deal with Norse Group worth £73 MILLION, money which should have been better spent on public and social services. With the Market in such a poor state it's quite clear that the public money spent on the services of Newport Norse are not worth the expenditure when so many other areas need addressing in times of austerity.  

With Traders leading the Market this will allow new businesses to be created in the market, without the wasted expenditure on private management companies.  

Other towns and cities in the region have thriving markets, why is Newport the only one to suffer?