a NEW principal for Dubbo College Delroy Campus

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It has come to Delroy students’ attention that the principal of Dubbo College Delroy Campus, has consistently disrespected students for things such as “being too stupid to iron their own uniform” and “wearing tights looking like sluts” she has constantly disrespected the parents on the p&c treating them like children. If she acted the way a principal should, then maybe this school would have turned out a little different. At every assembly she makes it very clear that Delroy is “her school”, even stating that she is the queen of the school, and she’s in charge of the actions of everyone, which to an extent she is, but she abuses her power and speaks down on anyone who disagrees with her. 1,000 people to sign this petition and we will take it to the Department of Education. 

feel free to share so we can get enough signatures to help the wellbeing for students of delroy.