HELP PORTUGAL STOP LITHIUM Mining and the Destruction of our Country

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Dear friends, expats living in Portugal, and tourists that love our country

Three years ago, we at ASMAA were all excited about having a Giga Factory in Portugal, but that was before we became aware of the risks that mining exploration for lithium and other minerals would bring to such a small country the size of Portugal. We were not really aware at the time, what would be the devastation left behind for future generations by lithium mining.

Yes! We have changed our minds.

Portugal is a paradise of unspoiled green areas, with abundant water resources and a landscape that ranges from deep mountains to wide open flat lands.

The reality is that the Portuguese nation is now waking-up to the fact that more than 70% of our country was identified for lithium mining, with a few contracts already awarded in very dubious processes.

Add to the target areas for lithium and other minerals the areas also identified for fracking for gas and oil, and the picture starts to be one that nightmares are made of. Meaning that more than 80% of our territory will be faced with massive environmental and local economic devastation, off which Portugal will never recover from.

If we allow this to proceed, Portugal will be the “Skunk Works Zone” in Europe, reducing livable areas to Lisbon and Porto. Not even the Algarve and Alentejo will be spared in the years to come.

We now have a very short window in which to act.

We want to force this issue into the political election campaign that will be starting shortly, and force this topic strongly into the political arena.

ASMAA is NOT alone dealing with this threat to Portugal. There are many other local groups and associations already running, and others being created as we speak and joining the fight daily. 

Although there’s been a few mining projects in the past in Portugal, none has been of this magnitude that we are confronted with at present, but the destruction left behind by previous mining operations are a clear warning of what to expect in the future.


ASMAA’s role will be to collate and hold a hub of information on our website. In addition we will be supporting our friends and colleagues that are in the areas directly affected. And we will be side-by-side with them once court action starts.



By signing and sharing this petition
By contributing to our campaign fund
By alerting us of any facts about this massive risk to Portugal that you may become aware off.
By following the news on our website
If you are in Portugal north and central – by joining hands with local groups.


The video showcases just one company out of more than 60 that are targeting more than 250 license areas. Its a terrifying prospect.

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