Please grant Dave Barton permission to produce and sell his unique Volvo decals.

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Dave Barton, a 30+ year Volvo enthousiast and the president of the Southern California chapter of VCOA for over 12 years, has received the order to cease and desist the production and near cost price sale of unique Volvo brand related decals.

We, as Volvo enthousiasts world wide, regret this action has been taken against Dave's activities. Many of us keep Volvos brand promises alive by keeping classic Volvos on the road. We take pride in our Volvos. And the unique decals Dave has been providing the world wide Volvo community with at near costs price help us express that pride.

There is no other source for most of the decals Dave has been providing. Some have gone out of production but a lot also were a unique design by Dave, eg the Prancing Moose. Which has become the symbol for Volvo passion.

As a Volvo enthousiast and community member, it being online or offline I would like to see Volvo corporate withdraw the cease and desist order against Dave Barton. And somehow grant him permission to continue the great and unique service he has been providing for many years.