National Express and South Wales Police must apologise and compensate Mr Gilbert Watt

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It is entirely unacceptable that a law-abiding, black British, 58-year-old Rasta man,  can be summarily removed from a National Express coach, simply on the basis of  the colour of his skin.

Mr Gilbert Watt was publicly humiliated and illegally forced off  a coach, by South Wales police and National Express staff at 2.30 in the morning in Cardiff, despite him having a valid ticket.

He was forcibly removed by South Wales Police officers called by the coach company. Mr Watt was making his usual journey to London to his place of work, after spending a weekend in Cardiff with his partner, a journey he'd made every weekend using an e-ticket, for two years.

In fact there was nothing wrong with his ticket, 

It was a desperately freezing cold morning and to see a working man and a elder treated in this way is utterly shameful

Such discriminatory treatment is entirely reprehensible, and totally unacceptable in a modern multicultural society. In some ways it resonates the kind of race discrimination we saw with Rosa Parks, during the Montgomery bus Boycott's in the late 60s.

Please help us challenge everyday racism and the hostile and racist climate it creates. Send National Express and South Wales Police your thoughts and support the call for justice for Mr Watts.