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Chris Haulmark: A Bully Candidate

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Chris Haulmark, a Deaf political candidate for the 2018 Kansas Democratic U.S. House 3rd District running for the mother land of Congress, a bully in the making, a bully to form an American politician, supportive of bullying and suicides he believes will keep America secure and carry an ideological ax to grind to encourage hate against Deaf returning citizens.

His attack of Deaf Protest aka Deaf Grassroots Movements in 2015 will always live in infamy forever. Chris has been throwing gasoline for human destruction and his mere existence causes a cognitive dissonance among them. Chris should do his own soul searching about public humiliation, and why he support human executions. Perhaps after his soul searching he will find it in his hypocritical heart to apologize as a political candidate. 

Where is the community accountability as regarding denial that he lied to the Deaf community? The systematic denial of resources and opportunities to Deaf returning citizens coming after many years of living in fear are brutal oppression is the biggest issue here.

Chris as a privileged white Deaf man continue to deny this reality is how much injustice—and had the nerve to spew lies in Deaf community in public and continue to reinforce this negative point-of-view instead of lead. Chris stands as an example of the problem and is obviously in interested in solving the problem. 

Do you want the first Deaf congressperson to run a fear-mongering machine? Many Deaf returning citizens who exit prison and come back to their communities as returning citizens are not treated as full-fledged citizens. Obstacles are put in their path, often more than struggling instead of helping them to change their lives around. The most egregious obstacle that Chris treats Deaf returning citizens as an undesirable person.

As much exposure most Deaf returning citizens find it impossible to deserve second chances and would become homeless, jobless, and exposed to vigilante justice by Chris who believes that they need to suffer more. He is pushing for expanding conditions and obstacles for Deaf returning citizens. If you want to understand more about Deaf returning/returnee citizens, I wrote an article for DEAF LIFE—December issue about human rights should Deaf returning citizens face. December is National Human Rights Month.

Denying Deaf returning citizens/returnees a chance to rejoin the Deaf community as contributing citizens is bullying. Terms such as an ex-convict, felon, offender, and criminal are negative. The term of returning citizen is positive. How could they succeed if they earn their own merit to advance in society? Why is Chris Haulmark refusing to own up what he did last September 2015?

I’ve given plenty of POSITIVE lectures for colleges, universities, and social justice conferences all over country. For example, Change the World: The Meaning of Social Justice for Deaf Returning Citizens, Deaf Returning Citizens as Forgotten People, and many more. 

-Jason “JT” Tozier

Board Member. National Deaf Task Force on Police and Emergency Services.

Chair. National Deaf Consumers United. 

Chair. Deaf Political Action Committee: District of Columbia Chapter

Director. We the Deaf People, Inc.-District of Columbia

Founder and Lecturer. Deaf Access Justice. 

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