Bring back Szechuan Sauce

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We need the szechuan sauce back. We must grow awareness across the country in order to bring it back, with out Szechuan Sauce, this world is over as we know it. If we get this great sauce back it can never go away. And Straight from ya boy at best buy, "Juice, juice is temporary. Anyone can obtain the juice. You can say just because you’ve got a nice car you can say, ‘ah man, he’s got the juice’. You know what I’m saying? It’s something that kind of comes and goes. ‘But the sauce — the sauce if forever. ‘You buy you a Simply Lemonade. How long does that last in your fridge? A couple of days maybe. That’s the juice. ‘How long does barbecue sauce last in your fridge? A while. That’s the sauce man, it sticks around. It sticks. It’s hard to move. I’m telling you, there’s a difference."

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