Replace Substandard Quality of Sign Language Interpreters on TV News Channels NOW!

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We are living in a world where things are literally changing by the minute. In times like this, news channels and media play the most important role in sharing information about the ongoing pandemic with us.

Can you imagine watching a news channel, and not being able to understand anything that is being said?

This is what watching the news is like for nearly 18million hearing impaired Indians, who rely on the news for all the vital information and current affairs.

Though the deaf community in India lauds the government and other agencies in their effort to include sign language interpretation in the news and other important messages, we are equally appalled by the dismal and substandard quality of the interpreters appearing in these programmes.

Substandard quality in sign language interpreting only increases inaccessibility, sometimes creating misinformation and misunderstanding of facts. There is an urgent need to address this issue. Sign this petition!

We want Doordarshan to:

  1. Only those sign language interpreters who are certified by the Rehabilitation Council of India to be allowed to interpret in National and Regional TV News programmes, and in Special messages by the government.
  2. These sign language interpreters should, in turn, be approved by the Special Panel.
  3. This Special Panel shall constitute Deaf experts and Deaf interpreters commissioned by the respective national level associations.
  4. Change the name of the programme from "News for the Hearing Impaired" to "News in Indian Sign Language"

We truly believe in ‘NOTHING ABOUT US WITHOUT USʼ. We want the government to respect our rights, our feelings, and hire the best interpreters in the field.

Sign this petition asking Doordarshan to take action on the above demands and replace substandard quality of sign language interpreters on their news channels immediately.

Join is in ensuring that we are not left behind, and there is unerring dissemination of information to the deaf community of India. #ReplaceInterpretersNow #PoorQualityInterpreting #EqualScreenSpace

-Rahul Jain (General Secretary) and everyone at YADI Accessibility