Stop Crimes Against Animals- All laws have to be imposed and new laws needs to be added

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Dear all,
I would like to use this platform to raise one grave concern i have and to draw your kind attention towards a menace that has been taking place in India and here in delhi.
I am an animal lover and want to be their voice infront of you and want justice.
We have many animal protection laws in India but i am afraid to say not more than 10% of laws would be followed by us indians.
And these days new cases are arising....Few are raping bitches and goats.
I have only one request to all of them and ammend the animal protection laws we have in india and no rapist should be left. Rape is a rape be it is done with humans or with animals ,so punishment has to be same atleast when we have proof.
Recent case has been reported in delhi where a pregnent bitch was tortured to death in ncr and where a goat was raped and then was tortured to death..cctv footage is there to prove him me to bring him behind the bars.
Hoping for a positve support from you all and from all indians and from entire world..
Animal lover

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