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Let's get the co-pays on prescription medications lowered!

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As of the New Year, a new prescription provider, AETNA, has taken over for DC 37 members, active and retired.  Since then co-pays on prescription medications has doubled and in some cases tripled.  This is unacceptable!  The last plan, Optima was doing the same thing until it was discovered that they were overcharging our members.  The company was penalised and co-pays were immediately lowered to the right prices which were more affordable especially to those members living on fixed incomes like retirees or the disabled.  Now AETNA seems to be doing the same thing!  The only people benefiting are DC37 and AETNA.  This "abuse" must stop.  It is time to raise our voices and say "we won't take it anymore"!!  It is to the point .that some members have to go without life saving medications because they cant make the co-pays! We make a career at saving the lives  of others but when it's our turn to get help, we get stomped on.  I devoted 29 years of my life to EMS and I deserve better.  We all deserve better.  In these last 5 years of retirement, I've lost both my feet, my kidneys are close to shutting down permanently, and a slew of other health issues .  I've gone several times without my medications because of the co pay issue.  I know I'm not alone so let's get motivated people!!!!!!

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