Don't Let Christopher Priest Write Deathstroke As Damian Wayne's Father!

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Christopher Priest has recently stated that he actually doesn't know who will be proven as Damian's father at the end of the ongoing Deathstroke vs Batman arc, in which Bruce has received some troubling evidence that Slade may be the true biological father of Damian Wayne, Son of Batman (it's literally in his title?). Upon announcing this at C2E2, he reportedly asked the crowd who they thought should win this battle? Apparently, approximately 80% of the crowd cheered for Deathstroke. This is insane! I have seen next to no support for this online, only disgust and annoyance at yet another cheap shock tactic from DC disguised as a character development. So how has Priest seen so much support? We have to show him that the majority of the fan community for DC is obstinately against this end result, before this turns into Jason Todd all over again!