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Make Red X Canon

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It's been 12 years since we last heard of Red X. It's been long enough. Red X deserves to be canon.

Red X was created for the beloved Teen Titans cartoon series, that aired on Cartoon Network on 2003 to critical acclaim. Originally presented as a special suit and secret identity used by Robin to infiltrarte Slade, the suit is later stolen by an unknown party, and Red X is presented again, were he'll grow up, just by appearing in a couple episodes, to be one of the most popular new characters introduced by the series.

He's a badass, an olympic level athlete with a suit that gives him a wide array of habilites, from explosives to teleportation, yet he's not a cliche, as he doesn't really care about heroes or villains, he's, as he puts it, "just looking out for number one", a personality that's refreshing to see on a story. Another point that makes him interesting is that fact that his identity is truly secret, no one knows who he is behind the mask, neither on the story nor on real life (though that hasn't stop the fans from coming up with several theories).

Today we are on a time where characters thought long lost like Kite Man are coming back to the front pages, so we think that now it's the time for Red X to get his long deserved place under the spotlight.

We ask for DC Comics to make this a reality, doesn't maters if it's just for a single issue.

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