DC and Warner Bros: Fan tips for a replacement for the DCEU Franchise

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DC and Warner Bros: Fan tips for a replacement for the DCEU Franchise

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The replacement for the DC Extended Universe franchise should consist of big-budget live-action films, big-budget live-action TV series & miniseries, and big-budget animated short films. Previously created music score compositions & songs from previously created DC films, TV series, short films, & video games should be used for this franchise. Various outfits worn by the characters in previous incarnations of the DC mythos from various forms of media should be used in this franchise. For example, the Joker should wear the outfits that he wore in the DCAU franchise, the classic live-action Batman TV series, the film "Batman"[1989], the film "The Dark Knight", the TV series "Batman: The Brave & The Bold", the TV series "The Batman", and the DCEU franchise. There should not be any unnecessary character race changes. For this franchise's TV series, each season should have either 22 episodes or 24 episodes.


There should be a Batman TV series titled "Batman The Dark Knight Detective". It should start from the beginning of Bruce Wayne's career as Batman at age 24 and it should have storylines faithfully based on "Batman: Arkham Origins", "Batman: Arkham Origins: Cold, Cold Heart", and "Batman: Arkham Origins: Blackgate". The series should pick up in the year 2014. Certain episodes of the series should contain two stories, with the first 22 minutes or so having the first story and the rest of the episode having the second story. Previous Batman music compositions by Danny Elfman, Elliot Goldenthal, Shirley Walker, Hans Zimmer, Junkie XL, Christopher Drake, Thomas Chase Jones, and Nelson Riddle & Billy May should be used in the series. The show's intro should be based on the intro for "Batman: The Animated Series" and the episodes should have title cards like those of "Batman: The Animated Series". Slade Wilson(Deathstroke) should be voiced by Ron Perlman. Joker(who should be an amalgam of the version of Joker from the DCAU, the version of Joker from the "Batman: Arkham" franchise, the version of Joker from "The Dark Knight", the version of Joker from "Batman"[1989], and the version of Joker from the classic live-action Batman TV series) should be played by Anthony Ingruber(who should use Mark Hamill's Joker voice). Bruce Wayne's first girlfriend in the series should be Julie Madison, his second girlfriend in the series should be his childhood friend named Rachel Dawes(who should die in a car accident), his third girlfriend in the series should be Linda Page, his fourth girlfriend in the series should be Silver St Cloud, and his fifth girlfriend in the series should be Vicki Vale. GCPD Chief Angel Rojas, Harvey Bullock, Renee Montoya, Crispus Allen, Anna Ramirez, Sarah Essen, Ellen Yin, Ethan Bennett(a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne), and numerous other GCPD members should be introduced in the 1st season, in addition to Dr Leslie Thompkins, Alexander Knox, Meredith Van Zeyl, and the following characters from the DCAU continuity: Summer Gleeson, Veronica Vreeland, Arthur Reeves, and Bambi. During the 1st season, the Matches Malone storyline should occur. At the beginning of the third episode of the series, Batman encounters the Red Hood Gang(which is led by the crime boss named Carl Grissom) at Ace Chemicals and tries to save the Red Hood(the man who becomes the Joker) from falling into a vat of chemicals, but is unsuccessful. The fourth episode should end with a scene based on the "Batman"[1989] scene in which the Joker shoots Carl Grissom dead. Villains that Batman should encounter in the 1st season, before it ends with a multi-parter based on "Batman: Arkham Origins", should include Hugo Strange in an adaptation of "Batman & The Monster Men"(At the end of this story, Batman should have no evidence of Hugo Strange's crimes.), Mad Monk in an adaptation of "Batman & The Mad Monk", the General(Ulysses Hadrian Armstrong), Black Spider(Eric Needham), the Circus of Strange, Magpie, Humpty Dumpty, Anarky, Silver Monkey, Cypher, Tobias Whale, Man-Bat(who should look and sound like he did in "Batman: TAS"), and Solomon Grundy. Barbara Gordon(Jim Gordon's daughter) should start out as a 12-year-old. Each season should have 22 episodes. In the 2nd season, the Clock King(William Tockman, Temple Fugate)(who should wear the same outfit that he wore in "Batman: The Brave & The Bold"), Scarecrow, Ratcatcher, the Red Triangle Circus Gang, Penguin's two female thugs known as the Kabuki Twins, Joker's short-time sidekick known as Gaggy, Joker's thug known as Bob The Goon, Joker's thug named Jonny Frost, Ventriloquist & Scarface, Spellbinder(Delbert Billings), Phantasm(Andrea Beaumont)(in a story based on "Batman: Mask of The Phantasm", but without Joker's involvement), Dracula(voiced by Peter Stormare)(in a story loosely based on "The Batman VS Dracula"), Cornelius Stirk, Red Claw, Sewer King, Emile Dorian & Tygrus, and Talia Al Ghul(who meets Bruce Wayne under the guise of a wealthy executive & philanthropist named "Miranda Tate") & Ra's Al Ghul should be introduced. When Ra's Al Ghul tells Batman his backstory, Batman learns of Solomon Grundy's backstory and that Grundy and Ra's's backstories are intertwined through the following select information from Ra's's backstory: Ra's has lived for hundreds of years by using Lazarus Pits, which are capable of restoring youth, healing the injured, and resurrecting the dead. There are setbacks to Lazarus Pits, which are the facts that a person can only use a perticular Lazarus Pit once and that they cause users of them to temporarily become insane. Due to Ra's using Lazarus Pits throughout the years, his sanity has decreased more and more over time. Some point after establishing Wonder City, which he powered by using a Lazarus Pit that he created from Lazarus chemicals he obtained from Slaughter Swamp, Ra's learned of a creature called Solomon Grundy that had been a sideshow attraction in a local circus. Ra's discovered that Grundy was once a convicted murderer named Cyrus Gold, whose body was thrown into Slaughter Swamp during a thunderstorm. Lightning struck Slaughter Swamp, which caused its Lazarus chemicals to completely absorb into Cyrus's body, thus turning him into a large creature and making him unable to stay dead whenever he would be killed again afterwards. Ra's gained ownership of Grundy after hearing the story and, to make sure that the story was true, repeatedly killed Grundy, only for the creature to come back to life after each death. At a later time, Ra's learned from his other daughter(Nyssa) that through electrifying a Lazarus Pit, it can be used by someone who has previously used it. After learning that info from her, Ra's had Wonder Tower built in order to use it during thunderstorms to conduct lightning into his newly-created Lazarus Pit. Since then, this pit has been used during thunderstorms to rejuvenate Ra's's body on multiple occasions. During the 2nd season, when Arkham Asylum is reopened, Jeremiah Arkham should become the asylum's warden. Season 2 should have a Joker storyline(which should be where Gaggy, Bob The Goon, and Jonny Frost are introduced) that has influences from "The Dark Knight"(such as the opening bank robbery scene and the scene in which Batman defeats Joker and Joker is apprehended by the GCPD) and "Batman"[1989](such as the scene in which Joker and his goons vandalize museum art, while Prince's song titled "Party Man" is being played on a boombox by one of the goons), including a scene inspired by the 'Joker & the mob' scenes from "The Dark Knight" and "Batman"[1989], with the mob characters that were created for "The Dark Knight" and "Batman"[1989] being included. The first episode of this multi-parter should adapt the first Joker story ever created for the comics, and should begin with the recreation of the opening bank robbery scene from "The Dark Knight". Near the end of the 2nd season, Harleen Quinzel should become Harley Quinn and the Jokermobile should be introduced. In the 2nd season story in which Ventriloquist & Scarface are introduced, when the backstory of Arnold Wesker(Ventriloquist) is being revealed, it should be shown that before the barroom fight that resulted in him being put in Blackgate and encountering the puppet called Scarface, one of the puppets that he used in his ventriloquism act was Mr Snoots(the appearance of which should be the same as it was in "The Batman"). Early on in the 2nd season, Jim Gordon should be promoted from GCPD Captain to GCPD Lieutenant and near the end of the season, he should be promoted to GCPD Commissioner. Season 2 should have a story based on the "Batman: TAS" episode called "Beware The Gray Ghost". In the 2nd season, there should be stories based on the "Batman: TAS" episodes "It's Never Too Late" and "Paging The Crime Doctor". During the 1st season and part of the 2nd, Marion Grange should be the mayor of Gotham and then, Hamilton Hill should become the new mayor of Gotham after Harvey Dent(the DA that was running for mayor against Hill) becomes Two-Face. The show's 3rd season should open with the origin story of Robin(9-year-old Dick Grayson). During the 3rd season, GCPD Chief Miles Clancy O'Hara should be introduced, as well as the criminals Poison Ivy, Killer Moth, Clayface(Matt Hagen, who uses the name "Basil Karlo" for his acting career)(who should look like he did in "Batman: TAS" and whose origin should be that of his DCAU counterpart), the male villain named Copperhead(who's the father of the female villain named Copperhead), Rag Doll, Cavalier(Mortimer Drake), Doctor Double X, Lord Death Man, King Tut, False Face, Egghead(Edgar Heed), Bookworm, Puzzler(who operates a protection racket in Metropolis), Sandman, Black Widow, Siren, Shame, Ma Parker & her gang, and Archer. During the 3rd season, Joker & Harley Quinn's hyenas named Bud & Lou(who should be babies) should be introduced. Dick Grayson's aunt named Harriet Cooper should stay at Wayne Manor for a large chunk of the 3rd season. The 3rd season should have a story based on the "Batman: TAS" episode titled "Be A Clown". The 3rd season should end with the "Sword of Azrael" storyline. The show's 4th season should include a version of the "Knightfall" storyline(which will take up a large chunk of the 4th season), with elements from "The Dark Knight Rises" being used(such as Bane working with the League of Shadows(League of Assassins), the opening scene, Leonid Pavel, John Daggett(who should be portrayed as the brother of Roland Daggett) & Phillip Stryver, Robin John Blake, and the Batvehicle called the Bat) and with Bane's Militia being involved, but before that storyline is started, Lock-Up, Dr No-Face, DAVE(Digitally Advanced Villain Emulator)(who is a robot that was secretly created by Hugo Strange), and Lloyd Ventrix should be introduced. Batman should be unable to prove of Hugo Strange's creation of DAVE. There should be 4th season stories after the "Knightfall" storyline that are based on the "Batman: TAS" episodes "Mudslide", "The Cape & Cowl Conspiracy", and "Riddler's Reform". The show's 5th season should begin with Barbara Gordon becoming Batgirl(who should wear the outfit she wore in "The New Batman Adventures") and during season 5, Bathound(Ace)(who should take part in crimefighting in certain stories) should be introduced, along with Temblor(who Poison Ivy hires to destroy a chemical processing plant), Toymaker(Cosmo Krank), Baby Doll, the Terrible Trio(who were students at Wudang Temple alongside Bruce Wayne and Ben Turner(Bronze Tiger)), Maxie Zeus, Cluemaster, Tweedledee & Tweedledum, Signalman, Crazy Quilt, Achilles Milo and Anthony Romulus, Dr Phosphorus, Wrath & Scorn, Everywhere Man, Rumor, HARDAC, the Minstrel, Louie The Lilac, Marsha The Queen of Diamonds, Colonel Gumm, Lord Ffogg, Chandell, Prince Daka, the Wizard(a man named Carter, who's the assistant of Professor Hamill), Sweet Tooth, the Brand, Puppet Master, Atomic Man, the Librarian, the Raven(Joseph Parker) & the Wasp(William Blaine), and Joker's thugs known as Punch & Judy. In a 5th season episode, Joker invents the compound he dubs "Joker Putty", which he, Harley Quinn, Bob The Goon, Jonny Frost, and Punch & Judy use in a crime spree, during which Ethan Bennett gets captured by them. Joker then uses Joker Putty on Ethan, which results in him being turned into a new Clayface, who shouldn't be a replacement for the original Clayface(Basil Karlo). There should be a season 5 story in which, after an argument between Joker and Harley Quinn, Harley leaves and ends up meeting Poison Ivy, who she befriends and teams up with on a late-night crime spree. The next morning, Joker learns of the partnership between Harley and Ivy via a newspaper, which angers Joker and causes him to look for a new sidekick, which he finds in Donnie(a classmate of Barbara Gordon), who takes on the guise of "Prank" after partnering with Joker. By the end of the story, Joker and Harley reconcile. There should be a 5th season episode based on the "Zelda The Great"/"A Death Worse Than Fate" story from the classic live-action Batman TV series. There should be 5th season stories based on the "Batman: TAS" episodes titled "Make 'Em Laugh" and "Deep Freeze". There should be 5th season stories based on the "The Batman Strikes!" issues titled "Once A Thief..." and "While The Bat's Away". In the 6th season, the Ninja(Kyodai Ken), Gearhead, Film Freak(Burt Weston), Captain Stingaree, Roxy Rocket, Farmer Brown, Polka-Dot Man, Condiment King(Mitchell Mayo), Minerva, Freddy The Fence, Olga The Queen of Cossacks, Dr Cassandra Spellcraft, Lola Lasagne, Nora Clavicle, Punch & Jewelee, Squid(Lawrence Lowman), Johnny Witts, Nightslayer, Firebug(Joe Rigger), the Spook, Riddler's assistant named Molly, and Doctor Aesop should be introduced, along with Chase Meridian(a psychologist at Arkham Asylum) and Hotwire(Yvette Brawner). There should be 6th season stories based on the "The Batman Strikes!" issues "The Clown Prince of Late-Night", "Growth", and "Learning To Fly". There should be a 6th season episode where Joker & Harley Quinn use Venom. There should be a 6th season storyline based on "Batman: Mystery of The Batwoman". In the 7th season, Kate Kane(who becomes Batwoman) should be introduced. There should be 7th season stories based on the "The Batman Strikes!" issues "An Hour of Your Time", "Waiting To Pounce", "Young At Art", "The Comic And The Straight Man", "Title Card", "A Question of Identity", "The Cat's Prize", and "Gotham Girls: Honor Among Thieves". There should be a 7th season multi-parter based on the film "Batman & Mr Freeze: Sub-Zero", but with Nora Fries not getting cured at the end. There should be a 7th season story arc that spans several of the later episodes of the season and uses elements from the video game & novel "Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu", the video game "Lego Batman", and the film "Batman: The Movie"[1966], with the story arc ending with a multi-parter about a large amount of villains forming the United Underworld in order to take over the world. There should be an 8th season multi-parter based on the comic book storyline "Batman: Hong Kong". There should be 8th season stories based on the "Batman: TAS" episodes "Joker's Favor", "The Worry Men", "Prophecy of Doom", "Blind As A Bat", "Eternal Youth", "Almost Got 'Im", and "Trial". During the 8th season, Batman should create the Club of Heroes and Harold Allnut should be introduced. In a 2nd season episode of "Batman The Dark Knight Detective", Batman should meet the remaining original Justice Society members and learn of how the original Black Canary(Dinah Drake Lance) died while trying to save people from an apartment fire and, with her dying breath, made Wildcat promise to take care of her daughter(Dinah Laurel Lance), and he should do some training with Wildcat alongside Dinah Laurel Lance, who considers herself to be the modern Black Canary.


There should be a TV miniseries that shows certain events that occured during the 7-year period when Bruce Wayne traveled around the world to gain physical & mental training he would need for crimefighting, including a story based on the "Batman: Arkham Origins" DLC story titled "Initiation", before he returned to Gotham and continued training, while also laying out plans & preperations with Lucius Fox for things he would need in his crimefighting crusade, for 3 years before beginning his crimefighting crusade as Batman.


There should be a Superman TV series titled "Superman The Man of Steel". Certain episodes of the series should contain two stories, with the first 22 minutes or so having the first story and the rest of the episode having the second story. Previous Superman music compositions by John Williams, John Ottman, Shirley Walker, Hans Zimmer, Sammy Timberg, Leon Klatzkin, Jay Gruska, and Mark Snow & Louis Febre should be used in this series. The series should start with a 4-parter that uses elements from the DCEU film "Man of Steel", such as Kal-El being the first Kryptonian humanoid to be naturally conceived in thousands of years, Jor-El stealing the Growth Codex and absorbing it into Kal's body, the House of El Command Key(which has AI clones of Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van), and the Fortress of Solitude being an ancient Kryptonian Scout Ship, and shows Clark being friends with Lana Lang, Pete Ross, and Chloe Sullivan when they were kids and when they were teenagers, Lana, Pete, and Chloe learning about Clark's superpowers, Clark being told about being an extra-terrestrial by Jonathan when Clark is 15, Jonathan showing Clark the spaceship that he landed on Earth in and the contents of the spaceship, including blankets and the House of El Command Key, Clark being led to the Fortress of Solitude by the House of El Command Key, Clark learning about his Kryptonian heritage via the AI clone of Jor-El, Clark telling his discoveries to Jonathan & Martha, Lana, Pete, and Chloe, Clark going to college to become a news reporter for the Daily Planet, and Clark becoming a news reporter for the Daily Planet at the age of 24 and having Martha make a superhero costume for him that's inspired by a Kryptonian outfit(which should be the DCEU Superman costume) that's in the Fortress of Solitude, with the costume being made from materials from the spaceship that Clark landed on Earth in, and with the costume being the Superman suit from the film "Superman"[1978], minus the "S" on the cape. Lex Luthor should be 27 years old. The interior of the Fortress of Solitude should be inspired by the interiors of the versions of the Fortress of Solitude from the DCEU franchise, the DCAU franchise, and the video game "Injustice: Gods Among Us". Jor-El's final words to Kal-El before sending him to Earth should be the final words that the versions of Jor-El from the DCEU franchise and the film "Superman"[1978] said to their Kal-Els. This franchise's versions of Jonathan Kent & Martha Kent should be based on the versions of Jonathan Kent & Martha Kent from the TV series "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman", the DCAU franchise, and the TV series "Smallville". This Franchise's version of Lois Lane should be based on the versions of Lois Lane from the DCAU franchise, the TV series "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman", and the DCEU franchise, and she should have black hair. This franchise's version of James 'Jimmy' Bartholomew Olsen should be based on the versions of James 'Jimmy' Bartholomew Olsen from the DCAU franchise, the TV series "Adventures of Superman", and the TV series "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman", and he should have dyed orange hair. This franchise's version of Perry White should be based on the versions of Perry White from the TV series "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" and the DCAU franchise. Clark should use a different voice than his regular voice when he's being Superman. Eve Teschmacher should be portrayed as Lex Luthor's secretary. The series should have a character named Otis Berg, who should be an amalgam of Otis Berg from the "Smallville" continuity and the character Otis from the film "Superman"[1978]. Katherine 'Kitty' Kowalski should be in the series. Like in the TV series "Smallville", there should be a meteor shower going on in Smallville when Clark's spaceship lands on Earth, but the meteor shower and the crash-landing of Clark's spaceship should happen at night. Metallo's origin should be based on that of his DCAU counterpart. The Blu-ray release of Season 1 of "Superman The Man of Steel" should include 3 animated short films, with the 1st short film taking place centuries ago on Krypton during its era of expansion and being about the Kryptonian Science Council(Law Council, Ruling Council) having Naman(an ancestor of the House of El) go to Earth to hide the Stones of Power due to the Prophecy of Rao, the 2nd short film being about Duchess Gertrude and her search for the Stones of Power, and the 3rd short film being about Virgil Swann, who, after prophesizing the coming of an extra-terrestrial being, who would protect the Earth and its inhabitants, founded a secret society called Veritas to learn about, protect, and guide the alien being, who he referred to as 'The Traveler'. The other members of Veritas were Bridgette Crosby, Lionel Luthor, Robert Queen & Moira Queen, and Edward Teague & Genevieve Teague(who's a descendant of Duchess Gertrude).


There should be a 5-season-long TV series that covers Clark Kent's high school years and has characters & stories that were created for the first 4 seasons of the TV series "Smallville", the 14 "Smallville" comic books that were made from 2002-2004, and the "Smallville" novels. Characters created for the 5th-10th seasons of "Smallville" should be used in "Superman The Man of Steel". The music compositions used for the 1st-4th seasons of "Smallville" should be used in this series. This series's intros should be based on the intros done for the 1st-4th seasons of "Smallville".


There should be a Wonder Woman TV series titled "Wonder Woman, Princess of The Amazons". Characters & stories created for the TV series "Wonder Woman"[1975] should be used in this TV series.


There should be a Flash film series, an Aquaman film series, a Green Lantern film series, a Justice League film series, a Hawkman & Hawkgirl film series, a Shazam film series, and a Green Arrow film series.


The 1st Flash film should begin with archival footage from the 1940s of the 1st Flash(Jay Garrick), including him being shown as a member of the Justice Society alongside Earth's first hero to be known as Green Lantern(Alan Scott), Wildcat, Doctor Fate, Hourman, Doctor Mid-Nite, Sandman, Starman, the Spectre, Mister Terrific, and the first heroes to be known as Hawkman(the human named Carter Hall) & Hawkgirl(the human named Shiera Hall). The film's story should be about how Barry Allen became the 2nd Flash. The film's villain should be Mirror Master(Sam Scudder). There should be a scene in the film where the Flash(Barry Allen) thwarts the Turtle Man's attempt to escape via a boat after committing a bank robbery.


The 1st Green Lantern film should be about Hal Jordan becoming Earth's first member of the Green Lantern Corps and the villain should be Sinestro.


The 1st Justice League film should have Superman, Batman & Robin(Dick Grayson), Wonder Woman, the Flash(Barry Allen), Aquaman, Green Lantern(Hal Jordan), and Martian Manhunter(who should be voiced by Carl Lumbly and who should look just like his DCAU counterpart)(who was accidentally teleported to Earth by a human scientist named Saul Erdel in 1955) teaming up to save the Earth from the Appellaxians(who should be an amalgam of the Appellaxians of the comics and the parasitic invaders that caused the formation of the Justice League in the DCAU) and their leader, the creature called the Imperium, who should be portrayed as having wiped out a large chunk of the Green Martian & White Martian races before Martian Manhunter managed to bait them underground and use a special nerve gas that put them into stasis. It should be shown that 2 years before the events of the film, 2 US astronauts named J Allen Carter and Ed Reiss were sent to Mars for a survey mission, during which J Allen Carter accidentally caused the Appellaxians and the Imperium to be awakened. J Allen Carter was killed and replaced by an Appellaxian, who, after going to Earth with Ed Reiss, became a US senator and promoted the global disarmament of nuclear weapons in preparation for an invasion of Earth by the Appellaxians.


There should be Suicide Squad TV miniseries.


There should be a J'onn J'onzz TV series that covers J'onn J'onzz's exploits on Earth before co-founding the Justice League as the Martian Manhunter, with J'onn using the guise of "the Bronze Wraith" as a member of a late 1980s-early 1990s superhero group called the Justice Experience, and with J'onn using the guise of "John Jones" to be a detective in Middletown,Colorado.


There should be an Atom TV series, a Blue Beetle TV series(which should be about Ted Kord), a Question TV series, a Firestorm TV series, a Doom Patrol TV series, and a "Powerless" reboot TV series. The Blue Beetle TV series should show Ted Kord take on the mantle of the Blue Beetle after the death of his mentor, Dan Garrett, who was the original Blue Beetle during the 1930s & 1940s. The series finale should involve Ted Kord & Batman thwarting Jarvis Kord's plan to use the Scarab to take over Hub City. Ted Kord dies and the Scarab ends up being sent out on a rocket that explodes, and Batman tracks the Scarab's location to a college student named Jaime Reyes. At some point during the run of the Blue Beetle TV series, there should be a multi-parter based on the "The Living Assault Weapons" comic book storyline.


Years from now, there should be a Teen Titans TV series that is heavily based on the 2003 animated Teen Titans TV series. The series finale of the Blue Beetle TV series should take place shortly before the Teen Titans TV series. Before the Teen Titans TV series is started, there should be a 12-episode-long Young Justice TV miniseries that has influences from the first season of the animated Young Justice TV series, such as Red Tornado(who should look the way he did in "Batman: The Brave & The Bold" and should be voiced by Corey Burton) being the team's "den mother", Kaldur'ahm(who is unknowingly the son of Black Manta) becoming Aqualad after Garth(the original Aqualad) decides to continue his studies at the Conservatory of Sorcery, and Green Arrow's recently established 2nd sidekick, Artemis(Artemis Lian Crock). During the miniseries, the Young Justice team's base should be the Secret Sanctuary, and Tula(who has been in a relationship with the original Aqualad(Garth)) should join the Young Justice team as Aquagirl. The finale of the miniseries should end with the death of Aquagirl(Tula) and the disbanding of Young Justice. During the Teen Titans TV series, Garth should resume his role as Aqualad and become a member of Titans East(along with Speedy, Bumblebee, and Mas y Menos). In the Teen Titans TV series, Slade Wilson(Deathstroke) should be referred to simply as "Slade". After the Teen Titans TV series finishes off its run of 6 or 7 seasons, with the ages of the Titans now ranging from 18-20 and Robin deciding to take on the guise of "Nightwing" and proposing to Starfire, there should be a 2nd 12-episode-long Young Justice TV miniseries that has influences from the second season of the animated Young Justice TV series and has the original Aqualad(Garth) taking on the guise of "Tempest". In the 2nd Young Justice TV miniseries, it should be revealed that shortly after joining Titans East, Speedy was kidnapped by the Light(a secret council formed by Vandal Savage, Ra's Al Ghul, Lex Luthor, Queen Bee, Ocean Master, Brain, and Klarion) and sent to Cadmus Labs(which is run by a top-secret US Government organization that's known by the names "Project Cadmus", "The Agency", and "Checkmate"), where(before he was placed in a cryogenic pod) his right arm was detached from his body and used to create a clone of him(which was controlled through programming and hypnosis) that took his place and started calling itself "Red Arrow". After the real Speedy is freed and awoken from his cryogenic sleep, he should start calling himself "Arsenal" after acquiring a high-tech mechanical right arm. The season of "Batman The Dark Knight Detective" that follows the 2nd Young Justice TV miniseries should start with a 3-parter based on the video game titled "Batman: Vengeance". A few episodes later, there should be an episode that's based on the comic book titled "Batman: The Killing Joke", except without Barbara Gordon being naked while Joker takes pictures of her after shooting her in the spine, since this should be a family-friendly TV series. The episode after that should be the origin story of the 2nd Robin(15-year-old Jason Todd). The seasons of "Batman The Dark Knight Detective" that are made during the run of the Teen Titans TV series should include episodes in which Batman teams up with other heroes(such as Blue Beetle(Jaime Reyes), Black Canary(Dinah Laurel Lance), Aquaman, Green Arrow, Huntress(Helena Bertinelli), Red Tornado, Plastic Man(whose origin should be the same as in "Batman: The Brave & The Bold"), Detective Chimp, etc) in a fashion like that of "Batman: The Brave & The Bold". During the first of these seasons of "Batman The Dark Knight Detective", Batman should form the Outsiders. Certain episodes of the Teen Titans TV series should contain two stories, with the first 22 minutes or so having the first story and the rest of the episode having the second story. The first half of the 1st season should end with a story based on the 2-part 1st season finale of the 2003 animated Teen Titans TV series, which was titled "The Apprentice". The 1st season finale should be based on the 2-part 2nd season finale of the 2003 animated Teen Titans TV series, which was titled "Aftershock". However, instead of Terra sacrificing herself(which resulted in her being turned to stone) to save the other Titans and the rest of Jump City, she should get out of Slade's hideout with the other Titans and cause it to collapse and go into the ground in order to stop the lava, and Terra should then become a permanent member of the Teen Titans. After the 2nd Young Justice TV miniseries, there should be a Legion of Super Heroes TV series.


There should be a Jonah Hex TV series, a Lobo TV series, a John Constantine TV series titled "John Constantine, Hellblazer", a Swamp Thing TV series, and Justice League Dark miniseries.

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