Save Trent University Wildlife Sanctuary from Arena Complex Development

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Together Trent University and the City of Peterborough – have proposed and approved - a Twin-pad Arena and Swimming Pool Complex which will cover 24 acres of Trent’s campus including parts of the Wildlife Sanctuary.  Trent administration has now transferred the land to the City.  

So who is protecting our natural areas and wildlife? Not Trent University. This development will invade the Trent Wildlife Sanctuary with access roads, a 500 car parking lot, traffic, noise and pollution.  Already water has been diverted from wetland habitats of wildlife, including species at risk, to facilitate construction of this arena. This odd locale – the inappropriate placement of intense development in an irreplaceable natural area - needs realistic thinking and the exercise of due diligence. So far, the consultation and evaluation process is not an inspiring lesson for students, faculty or those living in the area who might be expecting better from their elected officials and the university administration.

Let’s remind Trent University, the City and the Municipal Council of Peterborough that here is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate right relationship at the local level; at Trent, right relationship with their stated principles of exercising enlightened stewardship of land and waters, right relationship with Indigenous Peoples, with faculty, with students and with citizens of Peterborough. 

The unprecedented phenomenon of climate change, the massive global loss of wildlife, and reconciliation with First Nation communities, requires changes in our thinking – changes in our behaviour.  What we do today will change every day that follows. Now is the time - let’s take responsibility for our actions and restore right relationship amongst all concerned.

These are the current circumstances:

1.     Development plans include infilling existing natural wetlands.

2.     The development will go into the Wildlife Sanctuary with far reaching impacts on both the function and integrity of ecosystems.

3.     The Trent University – City of Peterborough partnership ignores the core values of Trent; it disrespects truth, science and meaningful consultation. 

4.     Funding and land exchange are problematic and have advanced even though First Nation communities have opposed the development and major environmental problems have been identified. 

Today more than ever - We need to align principles with actions as examples for students, the community and the nation!

We request that Approvals for the Arena Complex at Trent University be repealed – that the land be repatriated to Trent, and that the Arena be built in a more appropriate area, one that is central to residents and families in our Peterborough community.