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Revert H1Z1 back to Preseason 3

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Hey everyone, my intention isn't necessarily to attempt to force Daybreak to jump the gun and change H1Z1 back to how it used to be. However, I have noticed a large amount of support for reverting H1Z1 back to it's prime, which just so happens to be Preseason 3. I am curious to see how many people we can get to sign this petition.

The main thing about PS3 that people miss are:

Movement. The movement now is clunky, animations are ugly, and it makes most close range fights a mess. This includes the running, jumping, passive stance, etc. They make all close range fights, and even some mid-long range fights super irritating. A lot of us miss the smoothness of the game, both mechanically and cosmetically (animations) wise during PS3.

Guns. Old magnum for example, once this gun was changed and nerfed, "CoD rushing" became a thing. Bringing this back would be extremely beneficial both for deterring CoD rushing, and vehicles. This would require reverting the degradation to vehicles, which most of us find annoying anyways. Not to mention, the magnum, and all pistols were much better back then. The magnum was practically a sniper, it added an element of skill and sense of reward when getting kills with it. Horizontal recoil, old bullet drop/speed, the list goes on and on. To be honest, AR spraying was pretty bad PS3, but from the changes we've went through since, it's a nick on the shoulder in comparison. Close range fights were much better, and had a higher skill gap back then with the old gun mechanics and movement. Close range fights now feel like a flip of the coin, especially since they made one pumps with shotguns through helmets while being at full health a thing, let's face it, it's a crutch for bad players. It's almost too easy to get a lucky panic shot to someones head. You should be rewarded for shooting someone in the mass with a shotgun, not the head. That, and of course the increase in movement speed back in May. These two things, in my opinion, are the two main things that ruined close range fights in H1Z1. There should be no instance a player with full health, a two hit, and a helmet, can be killed with one shot, unless it's with a sniper to the head.

Reverting these two things alone would bring back a larger skill gap with close range fights. Not to mention everything else i've listed above.

Could you imagine, Preseason 3 gameplay mechanics on a remastered version of Z1? It would be a dream game come true.

I can go on and on about all the specifics of PS3 that were better than the current H1Z1. All you have to do yourself is watch old videos of the game back then. Admittedly, it was a much better game, at least, more enjoyable. The numbers show too, I mean come on, why do you think the game peaked at 150k players, and had almost 100k concurrently for almost 2 seasons?

People are always going to complain. That's life, that's games, and that's business. The reality is plain and simple: The game was more enjoyable then, and the numbers are there to prove it. I will admit that Daybreak did a great job getting Carto and Castoro on the team. Two of the most genuine, and as transparent as possible guys we've had in the 3 years of H1's existence. I also understand this is a business, but the reality is, the game is in a bad place now. We just want to go back to enjoying the game.

I love this game more than any game i've played in the last 10 years, and I simply want to see it succeed. But it's up to us to let our voices be heard before it's too late. Thank you for taking the time to read this, as toxic as the community can be, I do love it, and I have respect for everyone who has the ability to put up with the things we do everyday playing this game.

- The Guy aka TheGuyOnTv



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