Reinstate Dzarn

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"laying off dzarn was easily the worst decision that could have possibly been made during the acquisition. he put more effort into the game he loved than anyone else"

Dzarn was basically the physical embodiment of the spirit of old school Everquest. Very few had his passion for this game 16 years later

Dzarn spent so much time creating things that were not only fun and challenging, but well scripted and functional.

He went back to old content making it work better, in turn making old content more viable and something people want to see. Fixing issues like pathing and textures in old-world zones really enhance the desire to explore. Thus essentially making more playable and viable content without having to create any new zones or events.

Dzarn also makes a very strong effort to speak with the Everquest community and understand their wants for the game and understand who they are. I can remember while beta testing in Veil of Alaris, Dzarn would stay around after we had finished testing his raid and speak with us about the current state of the game. In casual conversation he would speak with us about old zones, lore, new content and bugs that needed to be fixed. Dzarn was very honest. He told us he would work on the things we discussed and he did.

Making Plane of War into a usable zone after all these years was huge. Even though it was a zone designed to be released during Planes of Power, it is still probably the most fun zone in the game today.

I don't have one negative thing to say about Dzarn. He was a hard worker, a great developer, a good person and the last person I ever expected to be laid off.

I understand that Everquest is shrinking and you wanted to keep all of your lead developers. This is great for the game from a financial standpoint (and probably a longevity standpoint too). My argument is, Dzarn's level of commitment and performance should have put him in the running for a lead position a year ago at least. The man makes Everquest a fun and enjoyable game.

Please don't get rid of the best asset you have.

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