Make H1Z1 Great Again

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We as a community have been asking time and time again for the old h1 to come back.... Ever since the combat update. 

This is not A REVERT request, this is simply a request for some old things to return so we have that "h1z1 feel" again. the list below also gives details about the benefits of adding this stuff again :) 

Here is a list of the things i have seen the community want the absolute most. 



(By having old animations and models you will bring the feel of h1z1 back by adding these details back into the game, i feel we have lost the identity of h1z1 over this past year and with everyone asking for PS3 i feel as if this would be a big step in that direction of giving the overall right feel to the game. The old models and animations were a staple to the game and i have seen Carto say over and over that they need to find a way to support both but us players who want old models have had them ripped from us since CU and was not fair as we did not even have a say in the matter! Maybe add a poll on old animations, old models and movement and see how the community feels and go from there??)

I truly feel as if these things right here will make it 90% feel like ps3 in itself and that is a huge step in pleasing a lot of h1z1 fans. 


(This is a tricky one and we all know many want a fully horizontal ar15, now im not sure how this can be achieved but if possible make it fully horizontal but when spraying add something to combat it, maybe a fire rate cap? im really not sure but what we have now on the ar15 feels so bad when you shoot over the reset time, it really throws people off) 


(Stormen even said recently that having good movement would greatly improve the game and the old movement was so fluid and fun! we need the fun back into h1z1! i feel as if it is too serious now and not so fun as it used to be)


They just sounded better and were more satisfying to have.

6. PRE SEASON 3 COLORS (less neon grass though)

Daybreak this is what we truly want and seeing Game_Dev_Carto saying that they hardly even read "ps3 posts" anymore makes us sad. 

These changes will make h1 feel good again. These changes will make it feel like h1 again. These changes will bring players back into the game who have quit. 

Please Daybreak please make this for us and put it on the test servers please. What harm will it do? if it is not what we wanted after all then it wont go to live servers but if it is what we wanted then congrats we have what we wanted. 

I know you want an option to have old models and new ones in the game but i feel as if you just put OLD MODELS, OLD ANIMATIONS AND OLD PS3 COLORS on the test server and make a survey on it, i guarantee it will be so positive its unreal, like i said by putting it on test you have nothing to lose. 

Please Daybreak Please. 


A H1Z1 Player who is passionate about the game and wants whats best for it and for the community. 

*NOTE* If you sign then please share it around and get others too as well. 

This is the h1z1 that was loved by many :(


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