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Senator Buckingham on Board to Oppose Senate Bill 4

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In 2 days, when SB4 is passed in the Senate, the next time an undocumented student runs a stop sign on Texas State’s campus, they could be deported.

Last week, President Trump mandated an executive order that would revoke something called “sanctuary cities”. The existence of sanctuary cities allows local governments to not have to turn over undocumented children, students, and families after a minor indiscretion or crime.

We’re not talking about murderers, or drug lords, or sexual offenders. We’re talking about a future college kid with a broken tail light. A newly-licensed teenager running a stop sign, trying to make it to school on time. A college sophomore speeding on 35 to get to a job interview on time.

If sanctuary cities are removed, undocumented students could be turned over to immigration officials and forcibly deported over something as simple as running a stop sign.

This will happen unless you act now. This Tuesday, the Texas Senate will vote 20-11, Republicans versus Democrats, along party lines to support Greg Abbott and Trump’s emergency, executive decisions. Even changing this vote slightly will show that we do not support SB4.

Senator Buckingham of the 24th District, is a career Republican who we believe would be against students like us getting deported, if she knew where the public’s support lies.

She’s a person of the people and we want to make sure our voice is heard. As she told the Austin-American Statesman, “The government should be grassroots up, and it should be fighting for people."

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