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Re-open the murder investigation of Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi

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On July 4th 2009, former TN Titans QB Steve McNair was shot 4 times. Sahel Kazemi was shot once. The case was closed as a murder-suicide. This was based on the statement by Adrian Gilliam on July 5th 2009 that he sold the gun to "some young lady", which name he did not know. However, on July 24th, after having been arrested for being a convicted felon (2nd degree murder and armed robbery) in possession of a weapon, the theory of the case was contradicted. Adrian Gilliam signed a proffer agreement before this recorded (audio) interview. Several contradictions arose during the interview. The two biggest being the gun, sale and Adrian Gilliam's alibi during the time of the murders. Adrian Gilliam clearly during the recorded interview forgot his original story about going to Opryland Mall when he asked about Sahel Kazemi's whereabouts during the time of the supposed gun sale. No video surveillance footage ever produced Adrian Gilliam arriving to or leaving from Opryland Mall at or around 6:00 pm July 3rd 2009. Witness statements to police confirm Sahel Kazemi never left her post that evening at Dave and Buster's. Phone records confirm Sahel Kazemi was on the phone with Steve McNair at the exact time she was supposedly buying the gun from Adrian Gilliam. Phone records also confirm Adrian Gilliam was nowhere in the area of Opryland Mall on July 3rd 2009 at or around 6 pm. No DNA evidence from Sahel Kazemi was found on the gun, the inner magazine of the gun or any shell casing or bullet. Adrain Gilliam was the last person to call Sahel Kazemi at 12:02 am July 4th, 2009. During his recorded (audio) interview on July 24th, after signing his proffer agreement, Gilliam stated to detectives that after the call which lasted three minutes, he returned to his friend Mr. Smith's house for about "two hours", which is the estimated time of the murders. However, three days later, police supplement reports show Mr. Smith contradicted Adrian Gilliam's alibi. To date, it is not known where Adrian Gilliam was during the time of the murders. By Adrian Gilliam's own admission, during the call, Sahel Kazemi supposedly stated she was "somewhere on 2nd Av". The condominium was at the corner of 2nd Ave and Lea, just .48 miles from the club Adrian Gilliam claimed he visited on more than one occasion with Sahel Kazemi. So the probability of Adrian Gilliam knowing the location of the condominium is extremely likely. We are asking Davidson County TN DA Victor Samuel Johnson III to reopen the murder investigation of Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi by impeaching the proffer agreement of Adrian Gilliam. The law allows for impeachment of a proffer agreement if the subject's testimony is "inconsistent" with the proffer. By misleading detective about his whereabouts during the time of the murders, Gilliam's statements were inconsistent. Also, the only person to ever mention a gun sale is the only person still alive to fabricate the story, yet no physical proof exist.

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