Save Moor St Flowers

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We are a small family owned and run flower shop. It has taken 6 years of painstaking labour and commitment to establish our business within Birmingham Moor St Station. We have recently been given notice to close and exit the business on 27th Feb 2018.

We are in our late 50's, and taking into account the current economic climate affecting small businesses - in particular the flower trade - we will not be able to start again. We have invested a tremendous amount of time and money into building our business, and this goodwill is now to be discarded; the premises passed on to another tenant, leaving us in a position of considerable financial uncertainty and peril.

Our kiosk is at the heart of the community and the impact of our eviction will be immense, not only to ourselves but also the station. As already voiced by many concerned parties, Moor St Station is in danger of becoming just another generic clone -  'no humanity, no colour, no art....'

All we ask is that we be allowed to complete our licence to July 2018, and renew a 6 year lease at the current comparable rate to other Birmingham small business Sole Traders; to save not only our business which we have painstakingly devoted ourselves to for 6 years now, but the community heart and spirit of Moor Street Station itself.