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For those of you who cannot attend the hearing on Friday, February 17th at 10am at City Hall (200 N Spring St. / with public entrance on Main), I am asking you to sign onto this petition, so we can present it to the City Council. 

For a quick update, the main issues are the existence of private dining rooms (the establishment was previously a karaoke bar... we're not doing karaoke) and our operating hours. 

Originally, we were issued no rooms, but a 2am daily closing time.

As our budget didn't really allow us to demolish all rooms, and as the CUP was appealed already by someone else, we placed an appeal to allow us the use of the rooms. Ultimately, after hours of deliberation, the Commission granted us (and we agreed to):

4 Private Rooms, Operating hours Sun-Weds until Midnight, Thursday - Saturday until 2am.

We were ready to finish our build out and get open! 

Unfortunately, Councilman Ryu's office made a 245 motion, vetoing the Commission's decision and recommended that our hours be reduced to 11pm on Sunday - Thursday, and 2am only on Friday and Saturday.  Also, no use of any private dining rooms.

We believe that it is an unfair amount of restrictions, especially because all of the "evidence" presented against us are related to previous operations in the space. Those of you who know me and where I've worked know that we're not about that shady business life. I'm trying to open something I really feel will benefit the community of Koreatown and I want to represent our city well. (As I hope I've proven throughout my career.)

We even tried to compromising and offered to tear down the rooms (by bringing in additional investment) as long as we could operate until 2am (as originally granted), but the Councilman's office refuses to negotiate with us and are no longer communicating with us.

Ultimately what we're asking for is this:


1. Allow us to operate under the CUP granted by the Commission after hearing our appeal;


2. We will tear down the rooms at additional cost to us, but allow us to operate until 2am daily so we can fairly compete with other businesses in our neighborhood. 

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Daniel Eun


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