Remove the 15 penalty rule for "Missing a flag"

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This rule needs to be suspended immediately and wider discussion needs to be had with riders, owners and governing bodies about the future of our sport. Please support an immediate change.....

  • Change the FEI eventing rule 549.2 -  Run out - missing a flag

I suggest that the rule is revised as 15 penalties is too high and grossly inappropiate when a horse has clearly made the effort to jump an obstacle without disobedience. If the horse knocks the flag but has clearly jumped the obstacle then it should not be penalised.

Many jumps are so narrow and the combinations are often very tight that this rule has to be open to more interpretation for a safe and fair sport.

Current Ruling: b) Missing a flag: A Horse is considered to have missed a flag (15 penalties) if the Horse jumps the dimension of the obstacle and the majority of the Horse’s body (as defined above) passes through the flags. This means that some part of the body is not inside the flags (e.g. one shoulder, or one shoulder and part of one hip).