Stop shooting roaming cat and dogs

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Do you have a cat or dog if you do have they ever ran anyway because I do and they have both ray away more than one time. My friend one had this happen to him and he was devastated and so was I for him.

Recently I was told a story about how someone saw a cat on their property, they claimed it was a cat. This cat was doing no harm it was just roaming on through the property, probably on its way home to its loving family. Then I was told the horrible news that it never made it home. It was shot and they did not even have the empathy to give it a burial they put it in the garbage bin. I personally think this is disgraceful because I love animals especially cats and dogs.

My dog once ran away chasing a kangaroo. We spent hours and hours searching for her and we started to get really worried for her. We didn’t know what could've happened to her, she could of got into a fight with a big kangaroo and could of got hurt. We did end up finding her by the kindness of friends who let us on to their property. My dog was ok but she had ran through 6 other properties to get to where she was, so we were really happy that none of them hurt her because we love that dog and i have no idea what would've happened if she died that day.


What can you do to help

If you think that you can’t do anything to help you are wrong, all you have to do is sigh this and the more signatures we get the more the government will think this is a serious issue and make it a law.

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Daniel Allen