Make it a fineable offence to leave a Pet in a hot car or on a hot Ute tray

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Enoughs enough its time to make a change to our archaic Animal Welfare Laws and be the voice for the voiceless and helpless.

RSPCA recieve over 1000 distress calls a year alone for Dogs left in hot cars and RACQ around 1500 (and these are only the ones reported). A vehicle will Still get hot even with the windows down in a cool, shaded position , this will NOT prevent a car from reaching extreme temperatures, ( and is actually illegal) Parked cars are deathtraps for dogs: they can sustain Brain damage and die within 6 mins , cars can become 20-30 degrees hotter than the outside temperature with 75% of the heating occuring in the first 5 minutes and 90% in the first 15 minutes. Tray-back utilities  get extremely hot causing burnt feet and heatstroke being exposed to sun. Beating the heat is extra tough for dogs because they can only cool themselves by panting, their bodies are unable to regulate temperature causing seizures and damage to vital organs .

 It is a cruel and painful death.