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Ending the sale of reptiles by PetSmart/Petco from Reptiles by Mack/Reptile Mills

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First and foremost:

In light of a PETA exposure video of Reptiles by Mack, a supplier to stores such as PetSmart and Petco,  we craft this petition in hopes of ending the sale of mill reptiles from such establishments. The following video is the basis for this petition.

Grievances include by are not limited too.

  • Breeding Bearded dragons with a fatal pathogen known as Yellow Fungus, which kills animals even with treatment after 18 months.
  • Breeding under weight and under age Bearded Dragons to meet demand; resulting in offspring with genetic deficiencies.
  • Animals that are sick being left to die and denied veterinary care
  • Improper husbandry
  • Keeping animals in filthy containers
  • Improper sanitation practices when handling animals with infections, thus contaminating the rest.

This is also to request proper care of in store reptiles as many go undernourished, improperly shed, improperly heated, and are inadequately housed by both space and environment.

Grievances against PetSmart and Petco are as follows:

  • Improper housing. Bearded dragons, sometimes 6-7 at a time have been reported in enclosures as small as a ten gallon fish tank.
  • Improper substrate; many reptile keepers report and routinely photograph bearded dragons on sand, which is not a proper substrate for infant-juvenile animals and there even cases of rescues being bought from Petco with severe impactions due to the use of Calci-sand, a silica based product that bind together when wet.
  • Improper temps and Humidity: Both chains have had stores with improper temps for numerous species. Bearded dragon having a basking sight of 85 degrees when 105-115 is standard for proper digestion. Snakes shed in solid pieces, not patches. due to their cages low humidity several of the snakes species end up shedding in patches and have pieces stuck to their eyes resulting in a stressed out animal.
  • Improper Nutrition: Insects are fed seldom, often a pellet diet is used for bearded dragons which is inadequate to meet the requirements of a growing animal. Snakes are often very thin, and it has been reported that some animals are only fed weekly or bi-weekly; when every four to five days is what is needed for a growing snake. They are fed by an adults feeding schedule and no animal receives adequate calcium or vitamin supplementation to even aid in the sever under feeding that occurs.

Our goal is ask these companies to work with reputable Reptile breeders, and offer a service in which well rated reptile breeders can sell their reptiles through these companies for  small service fee. Thus ending the cruel practice by reptile mills and to dedicate more time and effort to proper reptile care and information. In the end, all we are striving to achieve is proper care for the animals in there store, I myself have helped others struggle with sickly Bearded Dragons purchased from these organizations and many families who get attached to them deal with heart break. Many times its a child's first reptile that sets them on path of respecting and loving nature, and to have that be an ill produced, ill cared for reptiles tarnishes any integrity these corporations claim to have. We ask in the name of animal welfare to end selling reptiles from racketeering mills and work with reputable reptile breeders, personally sending agents to check out the facilities with routine inspections and ending business with those that fail to meet proper standards. two videos have attached that demonstrate these complaints.

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