David Eastwood and Richard Metcalfe, end outsourcing at the University of Birmingham

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David Eastwood and Richard Metcalfe, end outsourcing at the University of Birmingham and bring Edgbaston Park Hotel staff in-house!

We, the undersigned, demand that the University of Birmingham ends outsourcing and brings all staff at the Edgbaston Park Hotel (which includes the new Hotel itself, Lucas House, Garth House, Peter Scott House, and Horton Grange) in-house, on the same terms and conditions as everyone else who works for the University.

We also pledge to inform our departments, colleagues, and organisations that we are affiliated to about the issues below, so they can take this into account before they consider booking an event there.

Short video detailing the points below: https://youtu.be/o9DL9m1Rf5o

Main issues:
1. The Edgbaston Park Hotel is a company set up by the University in July 2018 for profit-making purposes and to slash workers' terms and conditions.

2. The Hotel are refusing to recognise trade unions for the new staff, making it impossible for us to negotiate with management with and on behalf of the collective. These are union busting tactics which have no place in any workplace.

3. This year, staff have had a pay rise of 1p/hour, so that their salaries match the new Minimum Wage rate. They are refusing to seek Living Wage Accreditation.

4. The terms and conditions for new staff, as well as access to benefits (such as Occupational Health support, parking, the Sports Centre) are substantially worse compared to the conditions of anyone else who is employed directly by the University.

* The hotel does not offer any contractual sick pay at all until staff have been in post for a year. The maximum you can get (after working there for three years) is 15 days of sick pay. This contrasts with a total of six months sick pay for support staff at the University who’ve been in post for six months and have passed their probation period.

** There is no enhanced rate for overtime or bank holiday working.

*** All working hours include bank holidays and weekends. Working hours are not fixed at all either and managers change the number of hours you work at short notice.

**** Staff only receive the statutory minimum of 28 days leave.

***** You need to tell the Hotel if you have another job and they have the right to object to this.

****** The Hotel use fingerprint devices for clocking in and out.

5. The Edgbaston Park Hotel are being inconsistent at best and hypocritical at worst when on the one hand, they insist that they are a separate entity from the University, while at the same time they are relying on its services, reputation and image, and most Hotel decisions need to be vetted by University departments. 

In July 2018, The University of Birmingham opened The Edgbaston Park Hotel, a subsidiary company owned entirely by the University*. Although the Hotel say that they are separate from the University, the company's board includes the University's Finance Director and the University's head of Hospitality and Acoommodation Services, and for most decisions made at the Hotel, they need the permission of University departments.

For more detailed information, please visit our page: http://uobunison.org.uk/petition-against-outsourcing-at-university-of-birmingham