Finally start shipping "Every Third Thought!"

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One year ago, in summer 2017, the new David Duchovny album "Every Third Thought" was available for preorder, as well as a lot of merchandise stuff.

The release date was postponed several times. One year later, we still haven't received anything. But it is all paid, of course.

  • July 2017 - The Album is available for preorder
  • December 8th 2017 - Digital Download "Stay on the Train"
  • January 26th 2018 - Digital Release "Every Third Thought" postponed
  • February 9th 2018 - Digital Release "Every Third Thought"
  • February 13th 2018 - Update "Shipping of Merchandise will start in March 2018 "All items have been moved into production and will begin fulfillment at the end of the month. Please allow additional time for items Autographed by David to ship. Items are shipping a little later than we originally anticipated. This was due to Davids heavy schedule these past few months. We appreciate your patience and understanding!"
  • March 30th 2018 - postponed Release Date
  • April 2nd 2018 - Update "All items have been moved into production and will begin fulfillment at the end of the month."
  • April 30th 2018 - postponed Release Date
  • May 2nd 2018 - Update "We are sending out the signed set lists and Hell or Highwater unsigned vinyl! More items to ship shortly!"
  • May 30th 2018 - Update "We are excited to announce the following items will be shipped out this week!
    1. Every Third Thought Tee Shirt
    2. Every Third Thought Totebag
    3. Every Third Thought Socks
    4. Every Third Thought Lyric Book
    5. Every Third Thought Vinyl
    6. Slipmat CDs and vinyl are in production.
  • June 18th 2018 - Update "If you purchased the David Duchovny Unreleased Acoustic Tracks on Pledge your digital download will be available today" (If you haven't got time to download it on this day, it is gone now)
  • June 21st 2018 - Update "Shipped: Signed Drum Sticks"

We got more than one email, that the first items have been shipped. But nothing arrived. We understand that signed items need a little bit longer due to the schedule, but a digital released album can be produced, right? And no one has received any item until today (July 3rd 2018).

When you send messages to Pledge Music, you always get the same standard answer:

"Hi,   Thanks for getting in touch here!  The CD in your order is currently in production. Once it has been completed it will be shipped out.  You will receive a notification once this has been shipped.  Best,  Team PM"

Still in production? Seriously?

If you have ordered the album as well and want to express your frustration, please sign the petition.