Restrict use of dermal fillers to qualified health professionals

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Dermal fillers can improve appearance and self-confidence. However in untrained hands they can have devastating consequences. Permanent blindness can happen in minutes if injected incorrectly and with no access to emergency drugs. 

Recent law changes allow any untrained, unqualified person to inject contaminated or counterfeit fillers.

Please restrict the use of dermal fillers to doctors, dentists, or nurses, who also have a recognised qualification to use dermal fillers. 

Proper training in safe filler injection techniques is essential to reduce the risk of serious problems such as infection, nerve damage, disfigurement, blindness and stroke.

Medical intervention is urgently needed if treatment goes wrong. Only health professionals trained in fillers have access to emergency drugs and the knowledge to use them. 

Treatment by unqualified individuals leaves the patient at risk of permanent damage. 

We urge the government to regulate dermal fillers to protect members of the public from harm. 

Edit: The photo is of Carol Bryan who was treated by a doctor with silicon. Silicon is permanent filler. NZSCM advises against permanent fillers and few trained injectors in NZ use them. However since deregulation, there has been a case in NZ of a member of the public self-injecting permanent filler. We are fearful that deregulation will lead to more problems with untrained injectors who don’t understand the risks. Carol has agreed to the use of her image. She now campaigns for better regulation of dermal fillers and has approached the NZ Ministry of Health about this. Find out more at