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Stop U.K Internet Censorship of pornography


By the end of 2013, all Internet Service Providers (ISP's) will put a filter on their customers' internet access, meaning internet pornography will not be available without opt-ing out over the phone. Anonymous believes this to be the first step in removing our internet freedom.


A quote from HM Government e-petitions:

"The government is currently trying to push a bill forcing ISPs to provide opt-out pornography filtering, however this is an issue that fails to address any real problems.

Bad parenting is the real problem, and bad parents will simply allow the filter to be enabled and believe it protects their children, even though the filters are easily (even trivially) circumvented. Parents need to supervise and educate their children about internet use, not rely on filters of dubious effectiveness.

It also sets a poor precedent that objectionable content can be blocked at the ISP level in the name of protecting children, who are in fact being harmed more by poor parenting. Aside from content of a clearly illegal nature the government should not be forcing the presence of filters at all, but instead pushing to improve the involvement of parents in a child's life, and to promote education over flimsy, disruptive, and money-wasting "solutions"."

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