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Create Equal Human Rights for everyone in the UK.

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Since 2012, people in the UK have no longer had the same human rights as each other.  Our human rights, and lack of them, are now based on our income. 


Your ability to be with the person you love depends, if you are from different countries, on how much money you earn - even if you have enough to support you both.



Sign this petition to urge David Cameron to change the law. 

It is unacceptable for UK citizen to have different human rights dependent on our income.  Applying market forces to our lives, and removing our human rights according, is a violation of both the E.U. and U.N. Conventions on Human Rights (both of which the UK is a member of).





Why haven't I heard about this?  Is it really true?


You may be surprised to read this, and that would make sense, seeing as that for the most part this change to our rights has gone unreported.


One of the reasons it has been both under-reported and misreported is because the law that changes our human rights to be dependent on income is an immigration law.  And as you almost certainly know, immigration is a super-hot topic in the UK right now.


UK immigration is a massive issue, and there is no need to explore all of that topic right now in this petition.  The only part that concerns us is the part where a law was introduced that affects our human rights.


This law sets a precedent for other areas of our human rights to become dependent on how much we earn.  And that is absolutely not acceptable.



What human rights are being violated?


Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, The Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, provides 'a right to respect for one's "private and family life, his home and his correspondence"'.


What does this mean?


This is the part of the Human Rights convention that means you have the right to respect for the family life you have created together.  It means that regardless of age, race, creed, sexual identity, gender, religion or lack of, or how much you earn, you have the right to respect for your private life.


And in the UK, currently, some people no longer have that right.


It used to say on the Home Office website that 'at the heart of Britain's immigration policy is the family unit' but they have taken that off now.




Who does this affect?


On 9th July 2012, there was a change in the United Kingdom's Immigration policy.


This law affects all people in the UK that earn less than £18,600 a year. 

These people do not have the same rights as the rest of the UK.  They are not allowed to live with their husbands, wives and family members if they come from outside the EU. 


Imagine going home tonight to an empty house because you literally don't have the same rights as the rest of the country?  This is the reality that these people live with each day.  And it is not being reported.  For many there is no end in sight.  Not everyone is able to increase his or her income to above the threshold.


It also affects families in the UK with children, where one parent is from outside the EU.

The amount required increases rapidly with children. An income of £22,400 is required for the first child, with an additional £2400 for each subsequent child.


The law also affects every family in the UK, regardless of income, who has an elderly parent living outside the EU.

It is basically impossible for anyone, no matter how much they earn, to bring a parent into the UK.


The unfair financial requirements, and the differing human rights, impact disproportionately across the UK community.

The amount required takes no account of different regions (i.e. an £18,600 salary in central London is very different from an £18,600 salary in Tyneside or North Wales, in terms of cost of living and average incomes).


When revising for the UK Citizenship Test, one of the figures to learn is that women in the UK earn a third less than men.  Thus women are further discriminated against by this already discriminatory law.


Only women who qualify for maternity leave are able to have a loss in earnings to have a baby.  Other women (for example, those working freelance) are not able to have a baby during the time they are applying for a marriage visa or for the five years afterward until their partner has succeeded in getting indefinite leave to remain.  Otherwise they face being in the position of no longer qualifying for the financial department and having their partner deported, leaving them in the UK as a single mother.


There are many demographics of people in the UK who earn less than the rest of the population: every one of these groups is further discriminated against by the law.


Families living outside the UK who wish to return here face six months or a year apart while the UK partner returns home to earn the required amount for the required period.


This law is unfair, unjust and discriminatory.



What Can I Do?


You can sign the petition to urge David Cameron and the Government to restore all UK human rights laws to be equal for everyone in the UK.


Now is a very important time to do so, and your signature will make a big difference. 


A High Court ruling in 2013 that found “the new immigration rules breached Human Rights laws."  The Secretary of State appealed that decision, and the Court of Appeal will hear the case on 4th and 5th March 2014. 


Let your voice be heard, and demand freedom and equality for all in the UK.






Where else can I read about this?

Migrants Rights is a good resource.


There is lots more information on the excellent BritCits site, particularly by scrolling down to the lower part of the About Us page.


"Families are being broken up, couples are being torn apart, a generation of children are being brought up by single parents – all reminiscent of ethnic cleansing.


According to Oxford University's Migration Observatory (source: ), these changes mean that, of British taxpayers (and voters) in employment :


- 47% will not qualify to bring in a family member.

- 61% of women will not qualify to bring in a family member (showing the sexist nature of these rules).

- 51% of people in Wales will not qualify to bring in a family member.

- 48% of people in Scotland will not qualify to bring in a family member.

- 46% of English residents will not qualify to bring in a family member.

- 29% of Londoners will not qualify to bring in a family member."




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