Bring Back The Whalers

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Back in the 2014-2015 OHL season, news broke the Plymouth Whalers would be moving to Flint, Michigan. Many loyal fans of the Whalers were devastated when it happened.

In all, Flint is undeserving of a team. The management is very poorly ran, and behind the scenes drama makes it hard for the team to be looked at in a serious manner.

Due to the water crisis happening in Flint, it is very unsanitary for the arena to be played in with the water used in taps. Also regarding this issue, money can be spent to resolve that as opposed to operating a hockey team.

Lastly, Flints attendance is statistically on a lower pace compared to the Whalers, Flint's first 3 seasons are statistically lower compared to The Whalers. Using this trend, it shows attendance will drop drastically.

All I ask is for consideration to take place, and bring back the Whalers.