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Make it legal to hunt large game and small game with qualifying air rifles in Minnesota.

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Many people in Minnesota have lost their right to own/possess firearms because of criminal charges that are not violent crimes but still qualify as felonies and as such these people have lost their firearms rights and with that the right to hunt in Minnesota unless they use a bow and arrow. Minnesota has changed the law recently to allow felons to own/possess air guns and air rifles. I would like to make it a legal option for these people to hunt with qualifying air rifles such as the Benjamin bulldog .357 air rifle or similar rifles for large game and or larger air rifle projectiles for small game. Air rifles used to hunt game would have to meet a  minimum feet per second (set by MN DNR) that the projectile would travel to ensure a humane kill, also any kill by an air rifle would have to be within a certain amount of yards ( set by MN DNR ) from the shooter to ensure a humane kill of game being taken. We believe hunting is an important tradition many Minnesotans share with their families and we would like to ensure this tradition continues.  I had lost my gun rights many years ago, I was able to get my firearms rights back but the process was very expensive and very hard to figure out. Most people in Minnesota would not be able to do what I did because of the costs and navigating this process is very complicated and I don't think that's fair. So help me help those that cant afford this expensive/complicated process. I believe that everyone that wants to hunt should be able to. Please keep in mind that these air rifles are kind of expensive $$$-$$$$ and that anyone who would purchase one of these air rifles would most likely be serious hunter. 

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