How safe is Taylor's University Lakeside Campus? READ FULL

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In view of the recent MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE of 10 dogs from Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, we are looking for answers. Much effort has been directed at Taylor’s University for comments and answers but they were all dismissed and ignored.

The dogs had been in the care of students and staff of Taylor's University before the dogs apparently “moved on”. This was the term used by Taylor's staff when approached for answers. Students and staff had been feeding and caring for these dogs. These dogs have made Taylor's campus their home. It is not a logical answer to say that these dogs have “moved on”. The team responsible for the relationship between Taylor & SPCA Selangor had claimed that the Taylor's management do not know either what happened.

Over the Chinese New Year holiday, these dogs were gone & removed. Maybe even euthanized. Students and staff returned to an eerily cold and unwelcoming campus after the holiday break. The campus guards apparently had no clue what happened to the dogs.

Taylors University’s effort in pioneering a humane way of curbing the stray population was publicly recognized by SPCA. The event was attended by DYMM Tengku Permaisuri Selangor, Tengku Permaisuri Norashikin Abd Rahman. Taylors University received two awards on World Animal Day in 2017 for being the first campus to acknowledge the importance of a compassionate and caring community.

What happened to the promise of providing a safe environment for these 10 strays?

We demand an answer for the missing dogs which Taylor's University had publicly campaigned to support the effort of trap, neuter and release.

Taylor’s University is a private business. This campus has a guarded entrance and exit. It will not be possible for 10 dogs to be removed without the knowledge of Taylor's management team. The action of such party who forcibly removing these dogs including the University’s mascot dog (Lucas) is an act of devil, & Taylor's University should provide full support to this mystery case & who is the man behind.

We, the paying students and parents demand answers as these dogs were quietly and inhumanely removed and possibly killed by unethical parties within the community. We demand to know who authorized the capture, removal and possibly killing of these dogs. This person has to be held responsible for an action that doesn’t stand with what Taylor’s University boasts about, “Wisdom. Integrity. Excellence.”