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Explain why the internet access speeds offered are so low and unreliable

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Dear Datastream Technology Sdn Bhd (DST), Telekom Brunei Berhad (Telbru),

The global average internet speed in 2012 is 11.33Mbps, the Asia Pacific average download speed is 11.62Mbps.

If we look at countries in the region we see that they have significantly faster internet download speeds than Brunei, at a similar price to what is being charged by your companies.

Singapore - 30.92 Mbps
Hong Kong – 42.98 Mbps
Japan – 28.79 Mbps
Taiwan – 28.71 Mbps
Thailand – 7.36 Mbps
Brunei – 2.38 Mbps

Internet access is used extensively in Brunei for education, entertainment, communication and business. Unfortunately 2.38Mbps is insufficient for any of those to be done effectively or in a timely manner. 2.38 Mbps is not even fast enough for one person to stream a HD YouTube clip, let alone fast enough for a household to share.

Brunei is quite clearly lagging behind the world and the region by a significant margin, why is this? We understand that there is an economy of scale, and that it would be difficult to compete or offer the same speeds as countries like Hong Kong. However economies of scale only accounts for some of the discrepancy. With a smaller customer base there are also significantly lower costs for the ISP in terms of infrastructure, support, maintenance etc.

Taking this into account we accept that we will not get speeds to match Hong Kong for example. We should though be getting significantly faster speeds than we are currently.

We the people of Brunei want to know:
• Why Brunei’s internet access speed is so slow?
• Why Brunei’s internet access is unreliable?
• When will the internet access reliability be improved.
• When will DST & Telbru be offering speeds that match the needs of their customers? (Brunei’s average internet download speed should be at least 20 Mbps by now).

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