Revoke Titan’s Menacing Dog Order

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Titan is a German Shepard cross Labrador. My partner has had Titan since he was 16 years old. Titan managed to go for a wander from our yard on Tuesday the 27th of February someone complained and animal management collected him. Titan was then thrown in a cage and we were told we were unable to take our dog home until we provided a suitable cage to restrain this menacing animal. We also were told that unless we desexed Titan it would cost $780 to get him out of the pound or $400 to have him desexed and purchase a cage $400 then we could receive our dog plus the $25 per night fee for having our dog. We feel Titan is to old to desex and did not want to do this however like many others we do not have a spare  $1500+ however we have since had to find this money to save our family. Titan is now regulated as a “menacing dog”. Titan had an incident with a dog in 2012. This dog attempted to antagonize Titan by barking and snapping at Titan, Titan then retaliated and punctured the dog. This was a traumatic experience however the dog was not badly injured and survived. Titan has not had an incident since and my partner was never made aware of the requirements after the incident. The pound proclaimed that my partner had declared Titan deceased which was not the case! Titan is now 13 years of age and being forced to remain in a 10sqm cage for his remaining years. Titan is to remain in this cage 99% of the time otherwise we will receive an $880 fine to let our animal use his own yard. Those who no our boy knows just how loving and sweet he is. Our dog had one minor incident 6 years ago and has never had any repeats. He is adored by kids and people alike. We want our boy to live the happy life he deserves he is not menacing or dangerous and he does not deserve this. Please help us save his quality of life! He isn’t just an animal he is our family. We also want the pound regulations to be looked at. If you cared about the animals you would want to help people? Offer payment plans, reduce your fees, instead every day people who want and love their animals are unable to collect them because you make it financially impossible. We are now in debt but finally have our boy home however he has been greeted by a cage he does not deserve. Help us and help our community be able to keep their furry fambam