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Stop Wal-Mart From Selling Live Fish!

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Time and time again, I walk into a Wal- Mart and notice all the Betta fish rotting in their own feces. I have made multiple comments about this to employees and the mangers. Neither which have done a thing about changing it. I am scared for the well being of these trapped animals. They do not have a voice. They cannot express their feelings. They cannot speak and say they are dying. They can only struggle each day, trying to survive this unfortunate endeavor. Bettas are hardy fish which is why they manage to live so long in these conditions, it does not mean they should. Wal- Mart is a store for products, not lives. We have to speak out against this animal cruelty on the behalf all the fish who do not deserve this. We are only two people. We only have two voices. We need infinite voices to stop this. We need you. Together, we CAN make a difference. Just because they do not have big, cute, puppy eyes nor a soft meow does not mean their lives do not matter.

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