Campaign for adequate lighting in Charlton Park London SE7

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Charlton park in London SE7 had a new skatepark added in late 2017 alongside the outdoor gym. A timely addition for the 2020 Olympic sport of skateboarding. However adequate lighting was not installed in this area, so when the clocks go back later in October, an almost £400k council facility will not be used during the week for almost 6 months of the year. Crazy, isn't it?

There is floodlighting in place for the footballers near the space, however we, and the Friends of Charlton Park Group, want the space to be used more inclusively in the evenings, by all park users, be it dog walkers, joggers, gym users, and skatepark users. Currently the limited lighting means that many park users do not feel comfortable using the space after dark.

Unfortunately we don't currently have support from the council, so we need to show them that the public want to use this space in the late afternoons & evenings. If you are users of these facilities in Charlton Park, please sign this petition to get low-level directed lighting installed around this area, so the working public can enjoy these facilities while we are back on GMT from the 29th of October.