Change base regulations in regards to pets being left outside

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Pets, to so many of us, are like family. So why would you leave a family member outside all day and night? I understand dogs bark. I have two who like to let me know every time someone comes to my door or when someone walks by our fence out back. Relentless barking, however, is a nuisance. Pet owners are leaving their pets outside all day. Our back patios do not provide enough shelter for an animal to be left out in the elements all day. Our back yards are not big enough for a dog to live it’s life locked in. Our houses are too close together for people to be inconsiderate and let their dogs bark for hours on end. People have babies who sleep during the day. Others work nights and get their rest during day time hours. Unfortunately, with no ac that means our windows are open to keep our houses cool. Open windows means any noise that goes on outside is carried right into our homes. Let’s petition the base to change their rule on pets being left outside. Pets should not be left outside all day unattended. It’s a hazard to the pet and people if it should escape it’s yard. It’s a nuisance to the rest of the neighborhood to listen to barking dogs 24/7.