Chapman University: Terminate John Eastman

Chapman University: Terminate John Eastman

January 8, 2021
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Started by Thomas Robichaux

On the 6th day of January, 2021, John Eastman did proclaim in public, while holding himself out as an expert and scholar in the field of law, in Washington, D.C., knowingly false statements of law and knowingly false statements of fact in an effort, together with others, to incite a mob into armed insurrection against the United States. Eastman was a knowing and willing participant in this sedition. After multiple people spoke to the mob of several thousand with that common goal, the mob did, in fact, march on the US Capitol, sacking, pillaging and looting the building, driving the congress into hiding in fear for their lives, and causing the deaths of 5 people; 4 members of the insurrectionist mob and one police officer. It is not hyperbole to say that John Charles Eastman committed the crimes of sedition and treason in attempting, without any cause or evidence whatsoever, to overturn the legitimate results of the election for President of the United States by forcing Congress to refuse the results of the electoral college.

There was no other predictable outcome to the speeches of Eastman and his fellow inciters. The end result of the rally was intended to be an assault on the congress at the Capitol, and that is, in fact, the result that occurred. Eastman cannot claim that he could not have predicted the the result because there was no other result that could reasonably be expected. Merely appearing on stage with the other inciters before the mob should be enough to disbar John Eastman for sedition and insurrection. These are crimes that reflect poorly upon the profession and show lack of judgment and lack honesty from the attorney.

Eastman knew exactly what he was doing in participating in and contributing to the incitement to this insurrection. 

Former Dean and current tenured professor of Law John Eastman has brought shame and infamy in supporting sedition and insurrection against the lawful government of the United States.  On January 6, 2021, John Eastman appeared at a rally in Washington DC with former NY Mayor Rudy Guiliani, in support of a challenge to the certification of the results of the electoral college.  Eastman publicly and vociferously encouraged the crowd to challenge the results of the presidential election by marching to the capitol building, claiming completely false legal theories and declarations that the crowd was legally correct in demanding that the election be overturned and that they were legally protected.  Eastman also made knowingly false claims of fact regarding the Presidential election and claimed falsely and without any basis in reality, that the election had been stolen from Donald Trump.

The crowd later stormed the U.S. Capitol in an open act of armed insurrection.

John Eastman was and is a participant in the insurrection against the lawful government of the United States.  He has openly committed the crime of sedition.  His actions cannot be dismissed or excused as academic freedom or 1st amendment rights.  A professor of our school has committed sedition, participated directly in an armed insurrection and should not be allowed to have any association with our University whatsoever.    John Eastman should be considered a treasonous traitor to the United States and should be fired immediately.

The very least the the University should do is begin the disciplinary process. Failure to act leaves the Chapman community with no choice but to call for the resignation and/or firing of President Struppa.

The full text of his speech is here:

Hello America! Sorry, I had to say that.
Look, we've got petitions pending before the Supreme Court that identify in chapter and verse the number of times state elected officials ignored or violated [their] state law in order to put Vice President Biden over the finish line. We know there was fraud -- traditional fraud! -- that occurred. We know that dead people voted.
But we now know because we caught it live last [night] in real time how the machines contributed to that fraud. And let me as simply as I can explain it: you know the old way was to have a bunch of ballots sitting in a box under the floor, and when you needed more, you pulled them out in the dark of night. They put those ballots in a secret folder in the machines, sitting there waiting until they know how many they need. And then the machine -- after the close of polls, we now know who's voted, and we know who hasn't. And I can now, in that machine, match those unvoted ballots with an unvoted voter, and put them together in the machine.
How do we know that happened last night in real time? You saw when it got to 99% of the vote total, and then it stopped. The percentage stopped, but the votes didn't stop. What happened -- you don't see this on Fox or any of those stations -- but the data shows that the denominator, how many ballots remain to be counted -- how else do you figure out the percentage that you have? -- how many remain to be counted, that number started moving up. That means they were unloading the ballots from that secret folder, matching them, matching them to the unvoted voter, and voila, we have enough votes to barely get over the finish line. We saw it happen in real time last night, and it happened on November third as well.
And all we are demanding of Vice President Pence is this afternoon at one o'clock, he let the legislatures of the state look into this so we get to the bottom of it, and the American people know whether we have control of the direction of our government or not!
We no longer live in a self governing republic if we can't get the answer to this question. This is bigger than President Trump, [this] is the very essence of our republican form of government, and it has to be done. And anybody that is not willing to stand up and do it does not deserve to be in the office. It is that simple.

Editor's note: There were a few verbal missteps in Eastman's speech, which I corrected with [brackets]. The meaning was clear. His face was turning red and his voice was raised during the words in the second to last paragraph, so I thought the exclamation point was fair. Other than that, there really weren't any editorial decisions to be made. This is what he said yesterday (1/6/21) morning.

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This petition had 509 supporters

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