Stop Paypal's Unethical Behavior of closing accounts for Moroccans without explanation

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Paypal claims they are withholding the seller funds to protect the buyers, but has anybody considered the sellers.  Paypal is not acknowledging the risks that the seller is taking.  We are shipping the item before we have really been paid.  What if there is a computer glitch and the money disappears.  Such things do happen in the world of 1's & 0's.  Shipping also needs to be considered.  Paypal is asking us to pay for the shipping out of pocket even though we may have included a shipping fee in the money that they are holding.  Also, what happens if your item is lost or the buyer claims it was damaged when they received and you did not insure it?  Ebay and Paypal are most likely going to side with the buyer and return the money and you as the seller get nothing.  That's not fair.  We did out part by shipping it.  We shouldn't be held responsible the end result after it leaves our possession.  

If Paypal wants to protect buyers, then they should sell an insurance product, to the buyer, either during Ebay checkout or on the Paypal transaction screen.  It could be similar to how smartphone's are insured. Through Verizon Wireless I pay Assurion a monthly fee in case we break a smartphone.  Ebay could be no different. As long as the seller ships with a tracking number, have Ebay offer an insurance policy against lost or damaged items.  If it doesn't arrive or if it arrives damaged, then Ebay replaces the money or the product.  

This way the seller is off the hook from the start and can have their money as soon as it arrives.

Since January 2019, Paypal started tracking Moroccans accounts and closing most of them.

They are maybe right to close fraudulent accounts reported by Ebay but most of the time they are normal sellers who sell on ebay and end up with limited accounts, and money blocked for a period of 180 days, not even allowing the sellers to pay their Ebay fees.

I have personaly experienced this mishap, and what is more surprising is that the Paypal's customer service make it clear to me that there is no problem with my Paypal account, neither my transactions but that Paypal unilaterally decided by its own algorithm and programmed system, to suspend my money for 180 days, without any obvious reason, without any right and they added that it was necessary to read the user agreement before using Paypal where it was mentioned black on white that Paypal could close any account without any explanation.

Would Paypal be avenging itself on Moroccans? maybe on Arabs? Or may be Paypal is just getting revenge on Ebay users in general, since Ebay has started preparing its own Manage payment system with Adyen.

Paypal has no right to block sellers' money on Ebay since an Ebay seller and a Buyer already have an intermediary for the transaction called Ebay, there is no need for a second intermediary in the transaction especially if Paypal is not considered as a bank.

I hope this petition will express all the anger that Moroccan sellers on Ebay feel against Paypal stubbornness and dictatorship!