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Dan and Phil come to Turkey

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As you know or as you may not know, the two internet celebrities called Dan and Phil are doing another tour, which is called "Interactive Introverts". It's a world tour, they are going to many places. I can understand how hard it is for two person to travel all the time, but we're so disappointed to see that Turkey isn't in the list.

Turkish fans are very upset about it. They didn't come for TATINOF (The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire) too. We want to see them, but I can understand that they think there are not many fans. But there are many fans who want to see them, and I am one of them.

Most of us even prepared the money, but when we found out that they're not coming to Turkey, we were so sad. But we thought we can share our feelings and tell the problem to Dan and Phil without causing anything. 

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