Prevent The Importation and/or Distribution of Child Sex Dolls

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Did you know that there are “sex dolls” being imported into the U.S., and the manufacturer can make them resemble girls as young as 5 years old, and design them to look like a specific child? Voice recordings can also be added to “create the illusion of obtaining sexual gratification with a specific, real-life child known to the customer.”

BBC Reporter moved to tears seeing child sex doll

Nobody wants to think about evil – particularly evil that targets the most vulnerable among us. However, pedophilia exists to such an extent that there are companies that manufacture and sell “child sex dolls.” The argument is that these dolls will “prevent” a pedophile from acting on their urges, however, Rep. Daniel Donovan, Jr. (R-NY11) states:

“You don’t give an alcoholic a bottle of liquor to stop their addiction, so why would you provide a pedophile with a tool that would further normalize harmful actions?” Donovan asked. “Once a child sex abuser tires of practicing on a doll, it’s a small step to move on to an innocent child. This isn’t just speculation. Psychologists and researchers believe that these dolls reinforce, normalize, and encourage pedophilic behavior, potentially putting more children at risk to harm. “

Child Sex Robots Are Coming to America. Can We Stop Them Before It’s Too Late?

There is now a bill in the House of Representatives that was introduced in December 2017 by Rep. Daniel Donovan, Jr. (R-NY11). It’s labelled H.R. 4655 in the House.  It seeks to ban the importation and/or distribution of child sex dolls.

Contact your Representative NOW and voice your support of the passage of H.R. 4655: CREEPER Act of 2017

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